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  1. Hello people. I need to reproduce an experiment to inspect the effect of bile salt on pancreatic lipase action. I get a paper describing how the experiment can be accomplished. Under the "material and apparatus" section one of the materials required is the sodium cholate solution. The paper says that sodium cholate solution can be prepared by "adding 10% NaOH slowly with stirring to a suspension of 10g cholic acid in 150 ml distilled water, until pH was 8.0 and the solids dissolved". A little further down, under the experimental procedure section, it says: "Pipette 10 ml of distilled water to 100mg of porcine pancreatin to make a suspension of 10 mg/ml. Place the enzyme sample on ice". My question is: Does the instruction given right above (the bold one) produces the sodium cholate solution? Or the sodium cholate solution can be only produce as described in the "material and apparatus" section. My concern is that I couldn't find easly only this sodium cholate solution itself nor the cholic acid. Although all the other materials I can be reached easly. See the paper attached: Biochemical Education - January 1992 - Cheng - Laboratory experiments on the actions of digestive enzymes.pdf
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