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  1. I know for a fact that photons are matter. If they were not matter than it would be impossible to detect them. Fields are the only non-mass "thing" that is detectable. Perhaps photons are pieces of mass that emit a field? Has that idea ever been looked into?
  2. The other day I came up with an idea for nearly instaneous communication. If I remember correctly magnetic fields are instaneous, meaning that the entire field comes into existence at the exact same moment. By using a long line of transmitters (magnetic field producers) and receivers (magnetometers) you could create a faster than light communications line. This would be like if you got a group of people to get in a long spaced out line, and once one person hears the message they yell it to the next person who repeats the process until it gets to the end. The transmission/field is automatically detected by the next receiver in line, that receiver also has a built in transmitter which "transmits" another field to be "received" and transmitted again until it reaches its destination. Unfortunately since processing will be necessary the "transmission" will be slowed down by this, which can only travel at the speed of which it is processed which is about the speed of light I believe. The feasibility of this project is based on how far away transmitters and receivers have to be from each other to be able to communicate. The farther a receiver and transmitter can be away form each other the faster the speed of the transmission occurs. The idea of this technology seems sound to me, and I see no reason why it wouldn't be able to be instituted.