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  1. I also get "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog...." I'm using Microsoft Word 2002 (10.4030.2625)
  2. What is a very fast language? and how is that determined?
  3. Thank you for your replies, I definately understand the errro in my thinking. Does this mean that light only travels at c in a vacuum? Or is Mart correct in saying that the photons would still be absorbed and re emitted by virtual particles, thus slowing its average speed in a vacuum as well?
  4. I was under the impression that nothing can travel at speeds that are faster than light, but I recently read a small "blurb" in a textbook that made reference to Cerenkov radiation. It said charged particles in water travelled faster than light and gave off a blu glow. I also read that this was because the particles somehow outran their electric fields and travelled at faster than light speeds. I still don't understand how this is possible, as I thought the whole "rule" of nothing being able to travel faster than light was an absolute rule that could not be broken under any circumstance. Can someone explain this to me? (not just sending a wikipedia link , because I still don't get how it is possible)
  5. Oh, I understand, I was most definately overthinking the problem. At first I thought the objective was to somehow get one colour from the eight words.
  6. No, I sort of made this problem in about 3 seconds while I typed it out, I solved it later and also realized that it turned out pretty easy because most of the x's did absolutely nothing to the problem oh well, at least we all got it
  7. Ah, I see, that Binet formula would have helped me, unfortunately i didnt get a chance to go on the internet until today. Thanks for all of your help anyways. On the bright side, i found the sum of the terms on my own yesturday, after looking at the numbers for ever! I got (sigma notation from i=1 to n) t(n + 2) -1 and then i proved tru with mathematical induction PS. how do you do those mathematical symbols on the forums (i had to write "sigma notation" and the "t(n + 2)" means the nth + 2 term in the series)
  8. I've been staring for quite awhile Please tell if you know the answer, because I still haven't got it, and I need it for an assignment.
  9. I don't think it would be difficult if I understood how these puzzles are supposed to work. Someone said squinting would help, but that just makes things blurry, what am I looking for? Little hint, anyone?
  10. What is the sum of the first n Fibonacci numbers? Use the Fiboncci numbers below to make a conjecture, and then prove it using mathematical induction. [b]n [i]tn[/i][/b] 1 1 2 1 3 2 4 3 5 5 6 8 7 13 8 21 9 34 10 55 11 89 12 144 13 233 14 377 15 610 16 987 17 1597 18 2584 19 4181 20 6765 ..... I know that each Fibonacci number is the sum of the previous two, but I am unsure of how to do the question above. Could someone please show me?
  11. I think your son is more intelligent than me I don't get it, what's the answer?
  12. Uhoh, I got 56,... i'll check again
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