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  1. Why are only alpha, beta and gamma radiation often mentioned? There are other forms of radiation.
  2. How do you calculate f(x) times dx?
  3. what doe f(x)dx mean and how is it used?
  4. Is quark a particle?
  5. What about matter quarks and anti-matter quarks, do they annihilate?
  6. Can anti-matter protons annihilate with matter protons or is it only matter and anti-matter quarks that can annihilate?
  7. What is calculus used for.
  8. I do not understand what calculus means in internet. Could someone please explain it simply for someone without mathematical education. Thanks.
  9. How do boosted fission bombs have fusion fuel in centre since that is where the initiator is?
  10. When will all new knowledge from James Webb Space Telescope be available in book/-s? Are at present any new knowledge from James Webb Space Telescope available? If so please mention it or them.
  11. what is a standard candle?
  12. How do you know how much light has redshifted?
  13. Sorry, I meant when light from distant body red shifts, how can use spectrography to determine what its made of?
  14. When space body travels far it red shifts, how can one then see what it is made of using spectgraphy?
  15. I meant when anti-electron and a common quark meet do they annihilate or does it have have to be same particle type to annihilate for example an anti-electron and a common electron?
  16. When an anti-electron and an anti-quark meet do they annihilate or does it have to be same particle type to annihilate for example an anti-electron and an electron?
  17. How do metal detectors work since they can detect metals that are not magnetic?
  18. It was said that the observable universe was larger than the entire universe. It was said at https:www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYh8GZDH8E4 3:17 to 3:26 It cannot be right because the observable universe is part of the entire universe?
  19. He shows pictures of the galaxies or black holes early on in clip then says they are black holes later on.
  20. It is shown at youtube at https://youtube.com/watch?v=F5F48ZviBzs
  21. Michio Kaku says that certain bodies that look like galaxies are black holes. How can this be?
  22. How are photons responsible for magnetism, electricity and light?
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