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  1. How do you write a combination of y and x on a graph calculator? If you want to calculate y not x in graph
  2. How do you write a combination of y and x on a graph calculator? If you want to calculate y not x in graph.
  3. Is f(x) used only with functions?
  4. I saw it when reading calculus as the Greek symbol for 'my'. or it might be known as 'mu'.
  5. What is 'my' in calculus?
  6. I would like site which explains science and mathematics not one that does computations for you.
  7. What is a suitable search engine for science and mathematics?
  8. I have used it and it has given what appears to be correct. It gives same answer as Google search.
  9. Is ChatGPT trustworthy? Is it reliable? I have used it a lot in science and mathematics.
  10. What is phi used for in calculus?
  11. What is phi used for more than the golden ratio? What is the golden ratio?
  12. It is often written dy/dx, what is it simply explained?
  13. I do not understand difference between a derative and differentiation and what each means. I have searched the web but not got wiser.
  14. More than I knew. How did you search to get the answers?
  15. In boosted fission and fusion bombs what is the ratio of deuterium to tritium?
  16. What is difference between a gradient and a derivative?
  17. What is limited in fractions or and functions?
  18. Can you simplify what function means in mathematics?
  19. Do you mean that basic algebraic methods is part of precalculus?
  20. What is functions simplified and detailed?
  21. What is basic algebraic methods and is it part of calculus? or part of precalculus?
  22. Is algebra used to solve simple equations too? Arithmetrics is said to be used during algebra. What about square roots, exponents etc.
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