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  1. thanks heaps chenbeier 😀 that clears the first part up. So how do convert the Na measurement to cmol/L. for example: Let say from a 50ml water solution with NaCl dissolved into it, I get a 100 ppt NaCl of which 0.39 ng/kg is Na as kindly demonstrated above. (molecular WT being 23 g/mol) How do I convert the Na measurement into cmol/L? 😅 thanks again Chris
  2. I have a LAQUAtwin Salt 11 which has a NaCl mode and ranges from 0ppt to 100ppt (or 0% to 10.00%). I am wanting to work out the Na concentrations from the NaCl and I want to convert the Na component to Milli-equivalents per litre. I can't seem to find any information on the net to help me. Could anyone please help educate me with a worked example please? I would really really appreciate it. Thanks for looking and my kindest regards to all. newbie Chris
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