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  1. On the 3 forums below I spam. I will not stop spamming on those forums unless the admins of those forums throw me out. Same goes for this forum. I suggest that the admin of this forum notify the admins of the 3 forums below to ban me if they want me to stop spamming. https://www.mcalagaesia.com/ https://www.fanfiction.net/logout.php https://schoolofbhakti.com/community/ kind regards John Stefan
  2. When will a new ice age happen? Has there been any hint as to when it can happen? How will we know when a new global ice age has happened? I await some replies. kind regards John Stefan
  3. How long is it before the Gulf stream finally collapses? And When it has collapsed how much will the Earth be affected? I await some replies. kind regards John Stefan
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