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  1. Would they still react with a lower concentration? At least theoretically?
  2. Would recommend care taken also. Vapors can be pretty nasty.
  3. Facepalm moment. Yeah, i'll look into that recipe. Tennesee.
  4. Respectfully, I'm simply trying to learn as much as possible from someone who clearly knows more than me. (And where i live you can't just go buy 6%, it isn't stocked in stores)
  5. Honestly, I can't afford those shipping costs. I understand why y'all don't really want to tell me this stuff, but I was going to do it this way to cut some costs. I'll prob just do without it, I don't really want to follow some sketchy YouTube tutorial. To ask another question, what is the danger point for explosions in h2o2? i've found different sources.
  6. Where can I get 32% h2o2? Respectfully, I can't find it, otherwise I would have bought it in the first place. Perfectly willing to buy it that way, i don't love making the super corrosive stuff anyway.
  7. Hello all. I am looking to increase my h2o2 concentration from around 12% to around 24% for an elephant toothpaste reaction. I am aware of the method using a vacuum pump, the methods involving freezing, and the methods that heat the material up. Which of the last two would be safer, and which of the last two would be easier to control the percentage? I don't want to end up with an extremely angry oxidizer like high percentage h2o2.
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