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  1. On 4/30/2022 at 5:07 PM, Qilin said:

    Haha I know what you mean! Was so confused, but the book is pretty intimidating in terms of size…

    I’m currently reading Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and Walden by H.D. Thoreau. Both very very good reads so far!

    Oooomg... It seems like I'll read a short summary just to understand who is who and what's going on) and maybe I won't read it at all cause so much needs to be done about my various projects...
    By the way now I'm re-reading Hobbit. When I was a child nothing confused me there at all except a slight feeling of something heavy and sad... I have this feeling for all Tolkien's books though I truly enjoy this author. 
    But now it seems even meanly for me that Gandalf to delude Bilbo to take part in the adventure... cause everything should be voluntarily in this life, I'm strongly against any kind of manipulation. Though it's very hard not to manipulate at all and not to be manipulated, but... the time has come for me to overthink all the previous values, "cools", "adventures", "excitements" -were they really so good, needed and useful?..

  2. Today I learned that people act to me not how I deserve but according to their state of mind. If they treat me well, it doesn't mean that I'm good but it means they are good. If they are rude to me, it is not much about my guilt/fault but rather about their mood. So no need to take anything close to heart. But it's so hard to implement this knowledge in real life😂

  3. 26 minutes ago, Phi for All said:

    Faith is believing completely without any evidence whatsoever, so it's no mystery why nobody can move mountains with it. Using trust rather than faith, I never believe anything 100%, so I always have some leeway for skepticism and doubt. Still, the knowledge I gain from trusted sources is far more reliable than anything somebody wants me to believe through faith. 

    Faith asks us to use our strongest form of belief on things that have nothing observable to support their existence.

    Well, I can say that if I'm sure in something that doesn't exist now and could possibly not happen - but I'm sure, I have a bright knowledge it would happen - it really happens. That's how my vein wound on the palm was healed in 1 night :D I am Christian and I prayed ofc, but I strangely knew I'll be allright soon - and it happened.

    And.. if I have any doubt (rational/fear-driven) I get nothing haha

  4. On 4/14/2022 at 10:03 PM, Genady said:

    Perhaps. But can we test if a computer has or doesn't have an idea of infinity?

    Mmm... I think that when PC is frozen (for example a lagging program takes all its memory and prints endless "1 0 1 0 ..." on the screen. It could be called infinity perhaps... but this infinity would be limited by electricity. So it would be an infinity, dependable on nature/human/ paying bills :D

    As far as  know, computer has no "infinity" number inside BIOS or programs of higher level. Only very big numbers, only formulas with "n", but no ... well, no idea of infinity, as it seems to me.

    I think it's impossible to "explain" the meaning of infinity to a pile of iron  hardware, it's something unexplainable even for us, humans. We simply catch the meaning by intuition, and hardware doesn't have "the 6th feeling"

  5. One more curious thing is that almost every miracle (well, why almost... EVERY miracle) could finally be explained by science... or scientists may say "we cannot explain it now but we'll try in the future"... or science simply cannot prove if the miracle really took place or not. And here comes faith. But what exactly is faith?.. as nobody of us here (I'm sure ) can move mountains or resurrect the dead then our "faith" isn't even as big as a grain... (according to Jesus)... and maybe we simply have "a feeling of faith" but not faith itself. Kinda of an emotion... and therefore we all can neither fully explain the world by scientific method, nor do everything we want being created in the image and likeness of God ahahahahaha


  6. "What if God was one of us..."

    It was very interesting for me to hear the opinion that the teaching of Christ has much in common with quantum theory. You get in what you believe. The outcome depends on the observer. That's great, I think but still it's a plain explanation of divine truth)))

  7. Looks amazing) surprisingly, from the first sight I didn't even see anything resembling human. Now I see 2 human faces: a little one in the upper part and the big one as the whole composition. No doubt, the skill of the creator is outstanding, there are so many tiny details. And most of them survived till nowadays, that's wonderful.

  8. Well, I can share an idea how to pray in Christianity. It's not like it's shown in films where there are tons of emotions, rolling eyes, banging head on the floor, tearing clothes etc. It's very calm and with huge concentration. That kind of concentration as when you solve mathematical problems or write a difficult computer program.  But ofc more pleasant))  and then the prayers often "come true" but not always as... our true inner desires are sometimes too difficult to understand and we ask for the things we don't actually need to be happy. But God knows what will make a certain person happy.

  9. My religious state of mind helps me a lot in such quastions. Everything is valuable, everything is connected. All the humanity is a kind of siingle organism where everybody affects everybody. As well as nature. And we're also inextricably connected to our planet, though nature seems to be self-contained)
    But that's an ideal idea.

    In my real life, to my regret, I have preferences based on my imperfection. I'd prefer my cat to an unknown bird on my balcony and allow my pet to eat it. I'd prefer cats to dogs. I'd prefer shrimp to sardine))) and actually sardine will be more happy cause I'll eat the shrimp)))

  10. I can be mistaken but if a person is so rotten inside that he/she "understands" only torture, it's correct to apply torture (in case of pedophiles, maniac killers and so on). In all other cases torture should be banned. 

  11. I had a funny case recently. I wanted to recall the name of the musicians who made an interesting song with great value for me. The process of pulling the information from the long-term memory resembled the process of pulling long hair from the bath😁 nothing to do with "search" on computer. And then I thought that the "Rise of the machines" and roboworld with human slaves will never occur. Cause machines are too... plain, compared to human brain. Not to mention how glitchy the software and how vulnerable the hardware is. To be short, computers cannot draw a circle or have any idea of infinity. They can make a polygon with millions of tiny corners invisible for he human eye and deal with huge numbers, but... they really have their limit

  12. I've heard that crazy point of view that antimatter is our true desires so all our true desires already came true somewhere in the quantum universe. It looks weird, I know. But there's something in this idea. The only unknown in this model is that little thing that makes certain outcome come true. What's it?.. as we live in quantum world, everything is possible, but what makes the possibility come true? Is it something inside the personality of the observer? I have no idea but I'm puzzled about all that stuff.

  13. I need to start reading 'Dune" after I understood almost nothing from the movie... but I'm too busy with the repairment of my apartments so all I read now is various information about how to paint the rooms properly, renew the floor and the ceiling, replace windows etc. Hope I'll finish this project soon and will have free time)

  14. There are billions of viruses around us and as far as I know their main "task" is to be helpful to us. There's an article in NYT that "Most of our viral DNA comes from one group in particular: retroviruses, a group that includes HIV." But then something goes wrong and they become aggressors aiming to use us and finally kill (rather a stupid aim, what for to kill the body that feeds you?..)
    I've always wanted to identify that starting point when viruses turn into enemies. Does our behaviour/thoughts/desires/etc. motivate them?..

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