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  1. Sir Cac2 is Calcium Carbide & in stone appearance which is banned & poisnous gas i require powder form & food grade powder other than (baking powder) when react with water release Fizzy Action Two chemicals in powder form can also combine
  2. Dear Chenbeier thanks for reply can you please ELABORATE list of chemicals with Names for this reaction (Specially Food grade) we tried for Boric acid but it seems poisnous Dear Chenbeier Actually Require list of Acids in powder form but FOOD Grade (end use is to make a fizzy action)
  3. Hello People from science field I need Help of yours, I want to know list of chemicals (POWDER form) not liquid chemicals if react with WATER makes Strong Fizzy Action, carbon dioxide releasing is not target -- currently using sodium bicarbonate + Citric acid but require few more options - Please answer
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