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  1. thanks guys. very interesting indeed
  2. WOW! [mindblown] thats amazing:) thanks for the quick answer!
  3. Hi, I was wondering, let us assume we have a swimming pool of 10x10 meters and infinite height. on the bottom of that pool we have a small hole. lets say the diameter of the hole is 1 cm. now, we start filling the swimming pool with water. let us assume as well that: the amount of water being filled to the pool >> the amount of water flowing out of the small hole. ofcourse as time goes by the amount of water flowing out of the hole increases. (since the pressure increases as the pool is being filled with water.) let us define the amount of water flowing of the small hole
  4. Hi. one of the main goals nowdays is accelerating space shuttles in speed so we could travel even while exploring the vast milky way galaxy one thing is not clear to me, and thats why do we have to be limited with the shuttles speed at all? let me explain: since there is no friction in space, and since our shuttles have their own engines to accelerate - how come , speed isnt accumulating to greater values? take a normal shuttle that is packed with alot of fuel turn the engines on, lift off, after a while it leaves the earth atmosphire, and from this phase every ounce of fuel burnt
  5. Hi, Ive heard that some reaserchers found that music (chords , notes) is actually math based - in other words: melodies that actually sounds good are following a certain patterns (of chords and notes). that idea fit's well in my opinion since not anyone who takes a guitar and starts fretting can make any "pure" melody that pleases the ear. now for my question: since music* is math based - and therfore there are finite ways to make real music, and since every song is finite** in time isn't it inevatable that in lets say 100,000 years*** from now - there wouldnt be any way to cr
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