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  1. When it comes to logic, the most common of logic is information technology, the characteristics of information technology include 2 types that are bit 1 and bit 0. Chemical reaction and nuclear reaction can both be the same. if it is composed of the simplest calculations based on bit 1 and bit 0. Now try for a calculation of a chemical reaction what is it? 2^8 = 256(calc) or how much is a nuclear reaction? 2^64 = 1.8 x 10^19(calc) 1Volt x 1calc x 1Ampere = 1Watt 1Volt x 256calc x 1Ampe = 256Watt
  2. when I compare between Zinc battery and Li-ion battery, Li-ion battery has Lithium element, Lithium is the element with lowest atomic density. But when it comes to Uranium, this density will be much lower. When comparing chemical reactions and fission reactions, they will have one thing in common when it comes to Logical sequence: input source, reaction and finally product, only the Logic sequence is different. , we will learn about that logic to convert from chemical reaction to fission reaction, the original logic was the article [3bit] = 8bit that you hide the article @swansont
  3. it is said that when a mass of matter is completely converted into energy it is as follows: E=mc^2 c = 299,792,458 m/s ~ 300,000 km/s m is mass (kg) E energy (Joule) ==> 1kg ~ 9 x 10^16 Joules But to completely convert matter into energy, nothing is as easy as exploiting the nuclear fuel Uranium 235 and some similar elements... Actually, from my understanding, all matter can react chemically to change the substance. Simply, the electrochemical reaction in a battery of just a few grams can produce millions of kWh, Uranium is just because the reaction density is so low that they produce a lot of energy. This is just a way of understanding the difficulty of converting matter into energy, which I attributed to... just having a chemical reaction converts matter into energy... Well, today's research is here, and how to do it, there will be longer research... :D
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