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  1. Yeah, I have! I watched the video on the youtube too!
  2. I appreciate your response, it's a long way in front of me. I'll try to do my best and thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome . I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina in which high school is made out of 4 years. I am currently the second year of high school, and after I finish all four years I will head off to college. In my first year of high school we've done some mathematical tautology, geometry and just a little bit of trigonometry (just some basic introduction though). As I said, right now we've been covering quadratic equations for quite some time. When I mentioned that order, I did not mean some dogmatic branch following, I rather meant what would be the best order of branches to study if I want to leave no blank things about one branch while going into next one which requires things from the previous one, if you understand me. The point of my studies is to learn as much as possible and to start early in life. I just always want to know more and it's like I'm never satisfied. In school, we are given completed results of formulae and equations by our teachers while not being taught where did all those formulae and equations come from. That's what I want to know and that is my point. My two questions are always how and why. Until I get to the rock buttom of questioning something, I will not stop doing it. I wish to explore the way nature works and of course to be ahead of school, learn things that I truly want to. I want to untie some misteries of today world's physics and hopefully discover something one day.
  4. Hello people! I've started studying math on my own. I'm currently in high school, and there we are currently at quadratic equtions. I want to know what order of self-studying mathematics do you recommend? I started trigonometry course for beginners on youtube, and I want to cover them all one by one, trigonometry, logarithms, and sometimes in the future differential equations and calculus. I'm curious what do you think is the best order to do it? Mainly I'm interested in math because I want to pursue a career in physics or/and astronomy so I want to learn as much as possible so I don't have to do it later in life. Also, besides the order of studying, are there any courses that apply to that order that you recommend?
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