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  1. Do material objects and beings in the macro world exist in a state of probability and only come into existence when observed?
  2. Thanks for the intriguing points made thus far? What about cells that I might invest from my coworkers sneezing or coughing? Might particles from those cells become part of my cellular make up?
  3. Thanks for all of the comments. Very interesting points were made.
  4. For the last 3 years I have shared a small office with a colleague. We do not eat or drink after each other, and there is no sharing of body fluids. Approximately how many atoms of his cellular makeup have become part of my cellular makeup?
  5. Atoms that are part of one’s physical make up (muscles, fat, bones, nerves). Frequent contact does not include shared body fluids.
  6. Approximately how many atoms from a person’s body, with whom I have frequent contact, would I have in my own body?
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