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  1. Synopsis: Earth is covered in water, then a rouge interstellar dust cloud covers the surface. Because of Earth's faster rotational rate, centrifugal force keeps this dust layer floating above the water. Earth's water at this time is comprised of a higher percentage of 'heavy water' (D2O). The water's higher density works in conjunction with the centrifugal force to maintain the supercontinent, Pangea. As Earth's rotation slows, finally a point is reached where gravity overcomes the floating supercontinent. The supercontinent fractures, beginning its fall. Fissures break open expelling water from the deep, launching it up to the stratosphere and producing a flood that covers the planet. Chemical reactions between ozone and the heavy water exasperate the deluge. Parts of the supercontinent settle in clumps, forming what will later be continents. These new continents along with the ocean floors become subject to seismic/tectonic activity from the inner Earth. This planetary cataclysm changes the percentage of heavy water. The resultant normal water initiates the hydrologic cycle. Rainbows symbolize the promise not to flood the Earth again. Any thoughts...
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