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  1. This literally hurt my head when I read that statement in a book, the book was trying to prove that Physics rhymes historically to the point of the rhyme itself being the science instead of the Physics that we normally would pay attention to. In the first 3 pages of the book he writes in big bold letters dramatically, “ ‘THE YEAR OF 1-DERS’ SHOWS THAT ‘PHY-6’ BEGAN IN YEAR ‘1-666’ WHEN ‘NEW-TON’ CREATED HIS ‘NEW’ LAW OF ‘TON’! ” When I went to check if that was true it checked and I was scared. Have you ever heard anything like that before? And when younger more naive people here that statement this younger generation that is into entertainment and rap more than physics will believe that he is right, what argument would you present to them to counter his wild declaration? Here is the link to the book, but the damn moderator removed it because it's advertising
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