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  1. According to the Chinese media,GenDx biotech, a company listed in Suzhou, Jiangsu, has announced a new technological breakthrough in nucleic acid detection., This new technology is called New ERA and with it, nuclei acid can be detected within ten minutes. Under constant temperature conditions and using unique primers and probes with self-circularization structure, DNA/RNA can be amplified hundreds of millions of times within 5-8 minutes. New ERA technology uses high-end technologies in the pharmaceutical field such as Molecular Design, Direct Evolution, and Affinity Maturation to carry out multiple transformation screenings for PCR and specifically, the polymerases, endonucleases, and single-stranded binding proteins necessary for the amplification and replication of the genetic material of organisms. Not only the reaction time is greatly shortened, the sensitivity and specificity are also comparable to conventional fluorescent quantitative PCR. Equipped with a miniature fluorescence detector (GENEYE®) and the corresponding APP, there is no need for complicated sample processing and operation, which greatly improves the level of existing detection and diagnostic technology. At the same time, the company also designed a super large detection reaction system that can accommodate more samples, which renders high throughput analysis both easy and convenient. It is worth mentioning that the company has applied for 19 patents (including 3 PCT) and many of which have been authorized. Scientific research cooperative relationships for the use of the developed amplification reagents have been established with various local universities, research institutes and diagnostic companies. Related diagnostic products are also being registered for NMPA and CE certification. In the future, these products are expected to be widely used in hospital bedside, primary health care, field, schools, airports, homes and other testing scenarios, and can even be applied towards early diagnostic screening for tumors and Alzheimer's disease.
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