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  1. Acknowledge, I never will do it again. I'm sorry about that. Thank's for the friendly advice. Have a nice day.
  2. Hello. I completely agree with the use of bacterium for metabolizing Co2 and methane. I found its use unavoidable and imperative at industrial scale. However any genetic modification in my consideration could get out of control and to backfires us due to the prosaic goal to find patentable versions, for charging accordingly to the governments are paying the bills. Our world is full of genetic disasters are being diseminated around for just few fake buggs, or dollars. Regards.
  3. Hello friend. In my consideration there must be several factors helping to it. However I strongly considered there could happen due to a surfaces drifting. That gets triggered by those oscillations linked to the movements of precesion and nutation. Once those coincided into an extreme inclination of the globe, this could start the Earth Surface drifting, by gradually melting the ice caps due to their new position regarding the Sun. I made a book is talking a bit about it for exposing my speculation. You will find it at General Philosopy section "Book of philosophy." I hope you will have the time for enjoying it. Kind regards.
  4. Hello, In my consideration the situation is terrible. The last two consecutive summer Sibera has been burning hard, due to our atmosphere wavering. That's letting Yakutia outside the Arctic atmosphere coverage for too long and it consequently dries until burns. The biggest isue there is due to its temperature the fire is melting the permafrost and all inland methane is getting release, for feedback the fire due to its combustibility until all oxidized, for getting Co2. In my consideration is quite probable the next year could get release the overseas methane from the Russian shallow waters. That as we could understand not will burn, until it atmospheric accumulation gets so high than something like a thunder could suddenly oxidized all. Kind regardsfrom Port Orli Vanuatu.
  5. Hello everybody, I'm new here. My name is Santiago. I pass the last four years exclusively working in my book of philosophy. I did this due to our global situation as species. I think, it was the best I could do with my time for trying to avoid our extinction. My book is basis on the classic of religion and philosophy. In fact is working out a linkage between the Republic and the Revelation, for me those are almost the same, despite their styles are completely different. My intention was to try to find a social model than permits us to keep existing and to reach a better level of civilization. The book touches all things related to civilization, from energy production and consumption, politics, urbanism, economics, religion, space, science and so forth... I hope you will enjoy it, like I enjoyed it. In case you like it, then don't hesitate to share it with everybody and to keep developing it by you own. I think, we need it. Nevertheless from now one, you have me here for debating any of my ideas in case you will consider, it worth to do so. I let you the link here for you can downloaded my book. Size 5.9m due to a series of folio on it. Kindregards from Port Orli Vanuatu. commercial link removed by moderator perr Rule 2.7
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