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  1. There is science fair competition, and I have decided to participate in it with my friend by making an "Semi-Ion drone". It is semi-ion because i am thinking of using an compressor to compress the air and then ionise(am i spelling this correct?) it, which i believe should provide more acceleration since more air particles are being ionised? Am I correct with my thoery? Also, I guess since there is a need of 20 kV, does it mean it's energy requirement is huge?
  2. Sorry, poor choice of words, I mean "store energy" This was the exact answer I was looking for, "how will it stop?". Thanks a lot @Janus This is because of the heat produced during the process of energy conversion(from kinetic to electric and then light), right? does it mean earth will stop rotating (maybe after 10-12 billions years?) is that app "Chemistry Lab Guru" yours? I mean developed by your colleagues? It's quite impressive.
  3. Yes I do know but how, especially in this case? There so contact between the flywheel and literally anything that might cause friction, so how?
  4. I heard about fly wheel battery systems and after reading a bunch of articles and watching some videos about it I have an Idea. Basically the fly wheel looses it's rotational energy only due to friction(or am i wrong?), so if I we are able to eliminate all the friction forces by taking it to space where it won't take much energy to elevate it with magnets and also by creating vacuum, will I be able to create unlimited energy since the wheel will keep spinning for ever(or at least for drastically longer period than the current ones)?
  5. As @swasnot said, But in case of Gravity, it's not possible to make gravitational force 0 when speaking mathematically. They can be made negligible but not 0 as that would need you to take the object to an infinite distance. Hope it helps you
  6. Actually we are talking about why magnetic field are not induced in covalent bonds. I am sorry friends, I think I lost it from here. It's not your explanation, it's just my weak grasp in chemistry, I am trying my best to improve. But alot of thanks for your effort. Will take my teacher's help in this.
  7. Friends, I think I didn't framed my question well enough(I was worried weather I explained it nicely or not). What I wanted to ask was that, after I complete the complete syllabus for 12th standard. Then what? How can I study university level topics(if that's what you call it).
  8. This question isn't specific to classical physics only or even to this particular subject. Actually the question is how can I learn more than what school is going to teach me. Since the schools teach really slowly and I even prefer to learn by my self for 2 reasons that, I can study "anytime" and for as long as I want to. No doubt schools are good, but it's the fact that they can't match the feel of self learning. So when I complete all the topics mentioned in NCERT books(They are the basic and compulsory books for high school), then what? How will I know what I have to learn next? Please guide me Thanks
  9. Since the shared electron in the covalent bond oscillates from one atom to another, its should change the magnetic fields around it and hence result in formation of electricity. But why it doesn't happen?
  10. How come newton's laws of dynamics apply on sub-atomic scale?
  11. Well they are over here India, we have been taught about the pattern of magnetic field line in a solenoid, electromagnetic induction and Faraday's Law. So does this mean that, the rate of increase of Voltage is higher than the increase in resistance so the current also increases to keep the equation V = I*R true. Right? What if instead of solenoid I decided to use a torus. Wouldn't that be great? Torus is a kind of solenoid with infinite amount of turns, and a copper torus would give maximum possible voltage.
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