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  1. In one of the reseacrh paper I read, it reports average albedo to be ~30% with maximum change of 2%. At low altitude, it reports absorbed maximum solar energy to be 300 W/m2. If you wish, you can read more on pp 380-384 of this article. Sen z,Progress in energy and combustion science,30(2004),367-416.
  2. rate of reaction zero means independent of concentration. In that case, rate of reaction is proportional to rate constant which depends upon temperature.
  3. I think, to be more accurate, you have to equate heat loss thru conduction and radiation to calculate the outside glass temperature. That means, k(T1-T2)/l = sigma*emissivity*area*power((T2- T3),4) you know T1, T3 and all other variable. So calculate T2. Then use q/t= K(T1-T2)/l to calculate heat loss.
  4. It will be pretty hot if it is incandescent (I cant give number though) but if it Fluroescent bulb then may be just room temp..
  5. I am assuming since they contacted us, they are more technologically advanced. So my questions will be What do they do to get the energy Do they feel emotions What is the composition of their atmosphere How big is their universe? What are the rules they follow to control the society How are they reproduced How old their species are Can they see into future Who is their creator or do they know how they were formed what can they do for us
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    Well I think that to be politician, you have to be very cunning and rhetoric in speech. And good guys always speak from their heart so they dont end up as politician or unable to survive in political environments.
  7. I agree with YT on that. I think everything has an overlap. But still I personally rate physics at higher level.
  8. I guess Bush is doing what his advisory board suggests him to do. We talk about all the renewable energy source, but they are associated with either non-continous supply of energy like, Wind, Solar OR some environmental problems. I guess the only way to resolve energy crisis will be to go for nuclear fission and keep on investing in nuclear fusion. Investing in hydrogen energy is not a solution, though. I think for the time being, we will convert coal into oil or gas to take care of the rising problem.
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