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  1. My theory is that we live in a hyperspace, where stars and black holes are connected throughout the dispersal of timespace. Our star, the Sun, is an aggregate of light created by the light a singularity is creating at another locale (or universe altogether.) There it is witnessed as a black hole, sucking in light. Here the singularity still has pull, gravity, creating nuclear fusion. Space is not curved, but warped. That is, the Sun pinches space in all around it, in every direction. The Earth has some pinch, too, but is within the sphere of the sun's warping. Time is 4D, all times coexisting simultaneously, and Dark Matter is simply past and future states of matter we can't see in the present, like a book opened to the middle. The Universe is like a vinyl record that is being played on a record player, a world of sound and movement, and a world of matter. I have more thoughts, and I just signed up for this forum, so... Everyone just ignores me. Maybe you guys won't be mean to me. Revenge of the Nerds! -- Andrew James van Berkum Welp, nevermind. Already got a negative reaction. See ya, all around, was hoping for a positive, optimistic, enlightening, imaginative experience, but the Darkness is everywhere. For inquiring minds, I'm easily found. Check ya later! PEACE...oooouuutttt.
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