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  1. Thanks, I watched the video and a few more

  2. Right, that's why I propose the hyper sphere geometry. Our universe (the part we can perceive) would be the surface of the hyper sphere and the mass of dark matter would be located in the center of the hypersphere. Each body of matter in our universe would be equally distant from the center of the hyper sphere. A hand-wave is sadly the farthest I can go 😅
  3. How would it cancel? The apparent attraction to each other would be explained by the spacetime curvature around each body of matter. This is the very start of the thought process and I wouldn't be able to express it mathematically. It's hazy, fuzzy, vague but it may have some truth in it. That's why I need the right physicist to take a look at it. I find it a bit frustrating that the brightest minds in the world haven't cracked the problem of the nature of gravity yet, despite being the first force to be acknowledged scientifically. Maybe a change of perspective is needed. I want my inter
  4. Possibly the dark matter that permeates the whole universe.
  5. Thanks for your reply MigL. I'm glad you catched the analogy, that's pretty slick actually. I acknowledge that I might have stretched the rubber sheet analogy way too thin 😁. Maybe the only significant part of my (rudimentary) conjecture is the idea of gravity (between masses of normal matter) as a fictitious force. Gravity looks like an attractive force between bodies of matter, it feels like a force between those bodies and even computes as such, but maybe it's an "illusory" interaction. If this conjecture is good, it would have to be compatible with relativity theory, or at least comp
  6. Sorry swasont, I tried to reply to your last question but I missed something. This is the answer ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
  7. In this scenario, it's assumed that all the observable matter in the universe (as of today) is composed of 100% normal matter. The exotic matter is hypothetical and would be very difficult to observe (like dark matter) and even more difficult to produce. You could be 100% certain that the rock is made entirely of normal matter. All the exotic matter in the universe would be condensed into one single body. There wouldn't be any exotic matter intermingled with normal matter. The hypothetical exotic matter might be the same as dark matter.
  8. Exotic matter would behave more or less like dark matter and all the exotic matter in the universe would be condensed into one single body made of 100% exotic matter. There wouldn't be any exotic matter in bodies composed of normal matter. Exotic matter might be produced in high-energy particle accelerators but could be extremely unstable.
  9. Thanks for your reply swansont. The exotic matter would be something like dark matter. Gravitational interaction would occur only between normal matter and exotic matter.
  10. Hello, I got the following idea from the observartion of a gravity well, like this one: https://youtu.be/mgZ84NAW0zU I'd like to know the opinion of a physicist about this. This is a naive, crazy, intuitive, outrageous new perspective on gravity and possibly quantum gravity. It's an out-of-the-box thinking experiment. It's the kind of thing that may be overlooked by highly specialized scientists. Please, go past the first assertion. Is this thing even mathematically viable? Here it goes: 1.There's no such thing as a gravitational interaction between masse
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