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  1. Ok, I'll try to summarize. I must confess that in my youth I was prey to many outlandish ideas which I have now rejected. I accept the conventional Egyptological account and dating. But in one regard I do not - Egyptologists write as if each king built (designed?) his own pyramid. After first visiting Giza in 1979 I noticed something that set me thinking. Looking at plans of Giza I noticed a pattern related to the central pyramid – the prominent satellite pyramids of Khufu and Menkaure being so placed that they appeared to form parallel alignments to the centre and corners of Khaf
  2. That seems a bit harsh. I am extremely interested in 'an objective discussion of known facts to sort the supposition from the supportable' (aye, back in the ghetto we used to talk of little else). But first the 'known facts' must be presented - which I have tried to do on my website. But since forum rules ban presentation of websites what am I expected to do? Answer piecemeal questions like on a game show? The moderators here will have access to my site and therefore in a position to assimilate the data and be able to answer their own questions if they want to. Anyone else must guess wh
  3. Yes Studiot there have been many investigations of Egyptian pyramids. Have you read them? What have you learned from these investigations? I have read as much as I have been able to find and am not impressed. You also ask - "So I ask you again which egyptologists ?". Having been warned that this thread will be closed down if I provide any outside links I am prevented from answering your question. Sorry Swansont, what point are you trying to make?
  4. hi exchemist, You seem to be making a mountain out of a molehill - the Giza pyramids were designed and built by native Egyptians over a span of years from about 2580 BC to 2500 BC. Of course the height of Khufu was made 280 cubits by design. The fact that the builders saved a great deal of work and stone by terracing the rocky knoll over which Khufu was built is irrelevant. I wonder why you think that cutting steps precludes the builders from designing whatever they wanted? What have I written that gives you this idea? Egyptologists maintain that the pyramid architects did not know P
  5. sorry swansont, what previous sentence is that?
  6. Hello Studiot, Supporting evidence and references are listed on my website. The essential survey data to back up the claim for Pi and Phi in Khufu is that provided by Petrie, available on the net here - http://www.ronaldbirdsall.com/gizeh/petrie/index.htm As to my point - many see pyramids as useless piles of stone constructed to massage the egos of vainglorious kings. Others imbue the pyramids with all kinds of mysticism. However, by looking at the survey data for the Giza group, interesting positional relations appear and these need to be explained, whatever one's point of v
  7. I think I should mention that many scholars have addressed the question and overwhelmingly Egyptologists believe that the Egyptians did not know Pi. They concede that the Egyptians used a rough approximation for what we call Pi, calculated by squaring 8/9 of a circle, giving a value of 3.16 - sufficient for estimating the volume of containers - in other words squaring by area. Squaring by circumference is what is usually meant by 'squaring the circle'. The meridian section of Khufu is governed by SEKED 5 cubits 2 palms (in other words height 14 base 11). The fact that these figures produce a
  8. Dear Swansont, Ok I'll try to summarize (assuming readers have at least a passing acquaintance with the Giza complex - if not refer to Wikipedia to get up to speed). Most people today see pyramids as the useless products of a vainglorious elite (albeit at the same time being the focus of popular mysticism). However, if we concentrate on the architectural design of pyramids some surprising relations emerge which are yet to be explained. Egypt is viewed as a 'craft culture' - assiduously building giant structures in cut stone using the simplest of tools and methods. The Egyptians
  9. I have published a website - url deleted This site examines the geometrical design of the Giza pyramids, summarizing the findings of a number of authors, as well as describing the latest astronomical findings. I have approached egyptologists but with little response so far - perhaps they write me off as a fringe author. However I continue to plough ahead hoping to receive feedback on what I have written. It occurred to me that if I were to post on a scientific forum I might get a more impartial response. I hope it's ok to post in the general philosophy section - I don't know which
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