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    I love science and am wanting good job ideas and want to learn about what I should Do in life I want to start At a young age
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    About to go to highschool
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    Coding And Space Sciences And Some Physics
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    Love to learn about new thing and want to know as much info as I can
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    Currently Learning

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  1. Don't call your self Old I mean your not that old I just want to learn as Much as I can Because I could think about so much and It makes me more creative And I like to design things I like the forums because I can learn more then what's taught in class I love science because It is a mix of every major subject English math and history so It has pluses to it just by learning science I have been doing Math advanced But for science I have never dropped below a 93 percent But It helps me In all classes I use the things that scientists helped invent and think about what problem they solved the I know what ever I need to Science has been well to me and I feel like every body should learn what they want to luckily I have what I need to learn But not everybody does So I want to tell people things they never knew and help people learn
  2. Oh ok Thanks I learned About lots Of things today Like how Circets really Work Nuclear winter And Also About The DoomsDay clock Also Part Of crisper I am learning a lot Thanks to people like you
  3. What Did I Do I Like Learning And There Are Things I would Like explained Thats All I asked For All I asked was a Question You can Report me But I did nothing Wrong
  4. So In Class We learned About Circets And The Types Such As Parallel And Series Could Somebody Explain
  5. I have just learned about Lulu and Nana And about how they were parts of the CRISPER Experiment And I Don't Really Under Stand What It Is So Could Somebody Explain
  6. Wow all of you were talking before I was born
  7. What would be A good job in todays society Just asking because I know technology and Sciences are going to be very important in the future
  8. I know I just wanted to know what I can use To learn thanks I will use the websites to learn By the way do you have any book recommendations If you could Because I am going to the library and usually I get one large book about a subject It can be any size And I understand lots of words But thanks for the website
  9. Could somebody please explain the Archimedes principle All I really understand is that you split distance in half and never reach the designated spot btw I am 13 so Please Simplify it so I can under stand
  10. I want to become a software engineer when I grow Up when I grow up I am going to highschool after this summer and software enegenneing is the most fitting job for me and I really want to become one so If you could tell me 1. What is the best software to learn 2. is it a good job to learn 3. Should I look for certain companies to join such as google tesla and such as a expert if I get the skill to
  11. I really want to learn more about this I am about to stat Highschool and am doing certain categories of higher level learning and want to know how to advance in this subject So please teach me what you all know that I can use and how to learn so I can be ready next year
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