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  1. Curvature of a ball is deviating from the level line of the starting position with distance squared. Otherwise it would be a straight line, not a curve! First mile is 8 inches, than second mile 32 inches, third mile 72 inches and so on.
  2. I am part of FECORE and this experiment. It's very important to distinguish between volume density and optical density. For the optical density profile calculation and the direction of light bending, only optical density is important. In normal conditions - temperature decreasing upwards - the light is bent upwards in levelling refraction (near horizontal measurement), towards the optically more dense colder air. No it wouldn't. Light bends at the border of mediums with different refractive indexes. Light does not bend in a homogenous medium.
  3. Hello Studiot and everyone else I know. I'm Sandor Szekely, but with a new account as I could not recover the old one. The supposed rate of curvature is 8 inches per mile squared. But most important is the target hidden height calculations for the measurement distances. Upto 98% of the globe model curvature is missing in these measurement observations.
  4. That's what we're here for, to discuss what you disagree with. Please tell what exactly that is.
  5. We have done 7 curvature experiments on lake Balaton (Hungary) and lake Ijssel (Neatherlands), and our results do not conform with the WGS84 model. We developed a Terrestrial Laser Targeting (TLT) method to make long range precise targeting and measurements possible. We talk about this method in the video, and the pdf document as well. The expected target hidden hight is never obcured in any of these long range 12 to 40km (upto 25 miles) measurements. Refraction calculations, as well as ellipsoid, MSL and geoidundulation are presented in the pdf document. We would like to d
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