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  1. The contention is the following: 1) I will post an image of what I call the 1st Law of Social Fabrics, which represents the subconsciousness, as the 'id', which is our human instincts. 2) I will claim how the subconsciousness should be redefined. 3) Then I will describe HOW it works and WHY it is CORRECT, based on the new model (the 1st Law which is the image). 4) I will claim how the current understanding of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, is WRONG, which is taught in universities all around the world. 1. The new model: 2. CLAIMS: I used the word "Law" b
  2. lol I would never associate drugs with the science of the Social Fabric Framework. But on a more serious note, no, I didn't copy or follow Maslow. And I define the 'id' in my own way: that which is below our level of awareness that represents survival mechanisms (diffusion limited aggregates, known as DLA's).
  3. The 2nd Law cf Social Fabrics can be experimented with, regarding physical closeness to people. As already stated: "So if you're standing on a line somewhere like the supermarket, you're consciously and subconsciously aware of the people standing in your close physical space or proximity, especially when someone enters into it. Also, if someone you TRUST enters into your physical space, you won't feel the same flight-or-fight response or heightened response (depending on the situation). If a loved one put their arms around you, such as giving you a hug for example, you would likely feel oxytoc
  4. The 2nd Law of Social Fabrics is "physical closeness," what I call the neighbor effect. This has to do with who we are as people as MASS and how we behave around each other, and seek goals (3rd Law of Social Fabrics) to fulfill our needs for survival, as well conscious goals such as hedonistic behavior. MASS (or SPACE in social-spacetime -- the 2nd and 3rd laws of social fabrics) is equal to MASS in E=MC², tied to the ego in the human psyche, which is simple consciousness. This has to do with the reality principle. Remember, we're not at the neocortex of the brain yet, so we don't have our hig
  5. LIFE itself, adds the 5th dimension to the universe, as shown on the left. The human psyche can be defined into angles of a circle as shown on the right (see below -- the feta cheese is on the left in yellow by the way).
  6. Social-spacetime fabric is the neuro-circuitry of our brains as well as Einstein's spacetime. The fabric defines the mathematical symmetry of physics, which defines the laws of the universe, giving rise to the complexity of the universe we see today. And with that, of further complexity of matter (of constructive interference patterns, of matter that can preserve its energy state over time), giving rise to life itself ... which through the same processes of symmetry, has created the complexity the brain and the social behaviors we see today in society, as a result of this mathematical symmetry
  7. I created a unified theory of our social world (from my own training and discoveries) in what I call The Laws of Social Fabrics, which represent our biological instincts (principles of survival) as well as who are consciously in spacetime. Each law is listed in order, from our most crucial survival mechanism: the 1st law, to our most complex social behavior: the 5th law. In addition, these laws are hierarchical in nature and represent the human psyche: the id, ego, and super-ego. They are classified in order from simplicity to complexity. Please see information below graphic.
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