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  1. Thank you all for you help, i decided to stick with what i originally wrote
  2. https://labdeck.com/interactive-periodic-table/ This is for a free software, it has this cool interactive periodic table which shows lots of information but more importantly if you are a programmer like me it lets you import element data as a variable then you can code with it, use it with database but what im doing is im plotting all the information to see if i can find any cool correlations.
  3. I'm doing some work on fuel cells. When breaking the O-O bond between oxygen gas, two of the three ways involve the word dissociative. However, the sentence is Breaking the O-O bond, which may be dissociative or associatively dissociative. This doesn’t sound grammatically or phonetically correct. Can I instead say breaking the O-O bond by dissociation or associatively dissociation.
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