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  1. I have no idea about fridges but ours ran on electricity. It could be rather loud and cold
  2. Hello again and thank you for all your kind feedback! I think you helped me solve this mystery. You guys asked about moist. No, there was no moist from the microwave oven, of that I am sure. The vent was always turned away from the wall, it was never hot or gave away water. And the reason I know the cavity was not always there is because we refurnished this kitchen years ago and set up the counter, the microwave and everything else. We would surely see the cavity rubble on the floor (the fourth photo) and clean it up. So it all had to fall down after it was all set up. So where is th
  3. I wrote that the thing does not give off much heat. Today it was on for about 30 seconds and I held my hands on both sides. I could barely feel any heat at all. And the walls are not plastered or painted in any way. This is a black kitchen - it means that it's bare rock and the only covering it got was decades and decades of smoke, soot and fry or oil that ended on the walls, eventually turning it all black. This is a very old farm house in the countryside
  4. Hello! I'm new to this forum and I have a question concerning an interesting thing that we have seen in our kitchen at home. We were renovating some things and decided to move the microwave for a moment. That is when we discovered that there was an actual hole in the wall, slightly bigger then my palm and half a fingernail deep, at the side od the wall where the oven was sitting for many years. So it was in the corner, the ventilator from the oven was facing the counter, and when in use, both the ventilator as well as the oven did not give away much heat. And we did not use the ove
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