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  1. Could we tell there exist principal difference between simple coronating electrode which employs corona discharge to create unipolar charge supply and a high beam current electron gun which employs either high field or thermionic emission to do the same with exception that beam in el. gun is collimated? Could we tell that an electron gun is capable to create principally larger amount of electrons than coronating electrode?
  2. I guess if there would be some way to tap all the waste heat created by electric motor and direct it inside of passenger compartment, it should be almost sufficient to create comfortable temperature inside. In some models like Tesla, which use oil cooled electric motors, it should be especially easy to do. You can just run oil tubes from motor inside the salon or use some heat exchanger for this.
  3. I'm trying to find what power density could we ever expect from devices like this: 38114997.pdf (iaea.org) Under condition that emitter electrode will be able to create sufficient charge supply. Gases could be created by burning fuel in a combustion cumber. It is know that unipolar charges have tendency to repel each other quite much. Does it mean we would be never able to have significant current density inside of tube and subsequently power density at the load?
  4. Let say we have a hollow dielectric tube in which a cloud of unipolar charge (electrons) is moved by flowing gases from emitting cathode to anode. Then this charge returns from anode to cathode through an external circuit and a load. Could you help me to calculate at least very approximately what maximal space charge density in the tube and subsequently current density at the load could be achieved, if the gases move charge in the tube with the sonic speed, approximately? And what power density at the loaf (per kg) could we expect from such device very approximately?
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