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  1. And how ridiculous is it for you? Please provide why and the reasons for it.
  2. Just give me an example of how they will truly react. Examples! Please? You saying this is like a detective trying to say what you said when he is trying to find out about what the suspect could have possibly done. People who love doing bad things that harm others. People that love doing unnecessary bad things that harm innocents.
  3. They aren't seeing it in a movie. They're seeing it in real life. Why are you so rude? I am asking a sincere question. Why? He's doing it to evil people.
  4. How will real life highschool students and real life highschool personnels of diverse types such as athletes, musicians, bullies, populars, intellectuals, average, slackers, goths, beautiful girls, handsome boys, social butterflies, class clowns, janitors, teachers, principals, guards, coaches, etc. react to this type of highschool classmate with the following characteristics below: 1. This highschooler is an 18 year old boy. 2. The highschooler is a young badass warrior that single handedly destroyed a group of gangsters who are heavily armed with heavy guns, light guns, blades, bom
  5. Do the stereotypical nerds and geeks really exist? I am talking about socially awkward timid loners who are also highly intelligent in Science, Mathematics, and Problem Solving. What happens to them later in real life? Do they really end up as unemployed or menial workers because of their lack of social skills?
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