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  1. I just got here. Posted a good science thread that was promptly censored. Is this another, liberal-only forum? Yay for pharmaceutical industry, they are our saviors from covid, etc?
  2. You psycho, it's all verifiable. It's public record, much of it, and I'm happy to supplement the government's records with additional evidence. I wasn't asking for medical advice, you pretentious clown. I have no reason to value advice from you. It's political for the reason I said: science is being censored by the Oxycontin-pushing medical industry, thanks to whores like you.
  3. Why are you acting mad? How does my post bother you? I have photos, digitally signed college transcript, tape recordings of M.D.'s, everything. Also have tech degree from a top university and cool projects; but I get the feeling you're not sincerely wishing me good luck. Why though?
  4. My competency has been maligned by the USA, so I'll begin with a defense of my competency. I was elected student body president at the U.S. boarding school with the highest SAT scores. I applied to 3 of the top five U.S. universities and was admitted to all. I got a bachelor's degree in cognitive science, with academic honors. I dated a sitting U.S. Vice President's daughter for several years. Then I got physically sick. I saw M.D.'s at the most reputable hospitals (doctors with lower science grades than I got, M.D.'s who haven't read Euclid, Gauss, and Godel). and they behaved irrational
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