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  1. Just done a google search and we understand..."The period of a satellite is the time it takes it to make one full orbit around an object. The period of the Earth as it travels around the sun is one year. If you know the satellite's speed and the radius at which it orbits, you can figure out its period".....Our theory is just a beginning and the cycle that occurs...The problem I have with the present theory is that your mass or singularity, comes from nowhere and suggests God created it,if its expansion How can the space fabric do that?If its explosion ,how did it explode?...We are working o
  2. We are visualizing the trumpet in the 3rd dimension.Its your theory of big bang now big expansion that is is failing. Its time to move on with a more coherent theory.
  3. I don't accept a singularity can exist by itself, you have no explanation how it got there, our theory does.. Also, I do not accept that as proof of a spherical universe, it's still a hypothesis. The trumpet, theory hypothesis was probably changed to fit your singularity expansion in a spherical shape.
  4. A singularity by itself makes no sense,how did such a thing get there,how could such a thing exist?How did it explode.
  5. A singularity by itself,incredibillly hot and dense exploded, not in a sphere but in one direction is not possible,only a black hole explains why its in a trumpet shape. With a wrong premise like that ,the 'evidence' that follows is flawed.
  6. There are 6 young people and 2 old people with no training,we thought we would brain storm a theory after reading the present day big bang theory ,which is silly.
  7. The universal model we propose is cyclical in nature...We will begin with a super giant black hole. This black hole is at the point of the big bang we are familiar with, and all the matter of the universe is inside it..The black holes we see today have only been studied for about 13 billion years, and we have not seen their full life cycle.As they will be transitory in nature changes will occur over time,entropy will occur. I speculate in a time span of say a 100 billion years ,an explosion will happen, propelling all its contents out of its aperture. This explosion will make all the elements,
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