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  1. Thanks again to you, I’m learning so much and am not afraid to ask questions, as I have been before! Just been watching a program on the Hubble telescope, my question is, do you think that the Hubble telescope is the greatest step forward in cosmology and astronomy. Given the magnificent things that have been achieved from the Mercury missions( think that was the first) through new horizons images of Pluto to Mars exploration, the fact that Hubble can give us a look into the past at the early formation of the universe means, for me Hubble is the greatest step forward. would love to hear other opinions though.
  2. Thanks Joigus, when you haven't got a grounding in this type of thing (like me) it's all a little mind blowing, but i'm going to keep looking and learning. And ill keep asking questions to try and get some understanding. Thanks again
  3. Hi All, again feeling a little out of my depth here, but, given what's been said, i.e. gravitational pull on our galaxy cluster, does that then mean that in time all the galaxies in our cluster will converge and make one massive 'galaxy' or will the resulting chaos mean that new galaxies will form from the debris that is a result of the collisions. Also if this is happening in our galaxy cluster, is the same thing happening in other clusters, and if so, does this mean that that we will have fewer but larger galaxies, or that all galaxies will reform on a smaller scale and the whole process will start again.
  4. Thank you, it sort of makes sense now. please forgive my ignorance.
  5. Hi all, im not a physicist, but have an interest. Now given that most agree in the big bang theory, means everything is moving away from each other in a ever expanding universe. That being the case how can the milky way galaxy be going to crash into the Andromeda galaxy? Albeit in a few years time.
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