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  1. I always thought that whoever has the top of his head in the pictures is taller and I didn't take into account the perspective. Does a person of Danny DeVito's height of 147 cm have a chance to meet a shorter (adult) woman?
  2. Why does Zac Efron look much taller than Robert DeNiro in the photos when Zac Efron is 173 cm and Robert DeNiro 177 cm? Can you explain it to me rationally?
  3. I accidentally found someone on the forum who complains that he is 190 cm tall, that he is disturbed by short stature, how much does it need to be 2 meters or 2 and a half meters to be tall? https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2014358/help-only-190-cm-tall-can-i-still-grow-more-im-short
  4. I've always been alone and I'm still a cherry boy. I also don't have a job. I just sit at home and I'm furious that even drunks are more successful with women. When I leave the house, the villains from school chase me (who beat me at school a long time ago) If I had a taller height, I would have had everything easier. The villains would back off and I would be alone. Often it is always worth being at least 190 cm tall or even 2 meters tall. There are single girls, maybe even virgins that nobody wants because they are too tall and if she had over 180, I would have lost even if she had a ni
  5. I downloaded such e-books for free from pirated sites from the Internet So how does this work?
  6. If they wrote untruths in books, clients would try these methods and if its didn't work, they would accuse these authors of writing untruths and that they would be forbidden to publish such books, but nothing like that happened. Have any of you tried such methods and its didn't work? For the fact that these methods do not work, there must be evidence that I didnt find. The truth is when there is evidence.
  7. But there are ebooks that you can actually increase your height by 2-3 inches and it says that even after 30 years old. Has anyone tried to increase tall after finisher growing up and failed, or is it generally known that it will not work and even no one has tried? In the morning my height is 184 cm tall and in the evening 183, what is my true height? ?
  8. Is there any Chinese or Indian forum that would have a non-standard approach to sport, so that they could figure out how to grow at the age of 30 without any problems?
  9. Is it true that meditation causes the secretion of growth hormones and increases (in some people) even over the age of 30? That's what I read on Google.
  10. That's what I think I never spoke to her. I don't know her exact height.
  11. I like this girl but she is (approximately) about 180 cm tall No matter what exercises, as long as there is more height. I do not know which exercises the most height increases, so I am asking you. I wrote that I have only been interested in sport for a few days, after all.
  12. I am 29 years old and I have never played any sports before but I have been interested in sports for several days. I am 183 cm tall and I hate my height. I am very envious of people who are over 190 cm tall at the age of 17. How many centimeters could I gain maximum? I read various articles and wrote that it must be forever. What’s the truth? Is there any cheap way (I am unemployed) to maximize my height? Is there any free and possibly cheapest way? (I’m unemployed)? Don’t reply this type that nothing can be done or that I accept my height?
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