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  1. Hyperloop is like a train but it travels in a tube in vacuum and it can reach 1100 km/h https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperloop It was Elon's idea.
  2. Talknig about solar panels, Hyperloop could be made in this places. Not just because of the energy but because it could help the economy in this countries.
  3. They have the internet, the problem is more about the numbers of computers and the level of the technology and also the teacher that give lessons about this kind of stuff.
  4. Once, I heard about that the Sun releases 1,7x10^17 J per year and our most advanced solar cell can take out 43% of the energy that came form the Sun. So if we put many solar cells in Africa, specifically in the Saara Desert, that has 9 200 000 km^2 we could produce enough energy to power all Africa. But even if we just put the solar cells on top of the houses, they could still have enough power to live without power that comes from a generator that runs with oil or some kind of fuel and stops working when they need. Some kids would be able to study at night and have better grades, consequently have better lives.
  5. I´m from Portugal. Ask google translator cuz I can´t explain.
  6. What is dark matter for you?
  7. Dark Matter is approximatly 85% of our universe, we don't know what it is so we can´t say that is matter. But imagine if Dark Matter was a distortion in the space-time fabric and those distrotions were grooves left by stars, planets or even galaxies, that were doing their thing and just did it.
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