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  1. Understood. I guess telling someone they have sloppy thinking skills is ok...but suggesting that scientists are facing serious scrutiny and censorship is bad. Got it. Thank you for your kind guidance on this matter!
  2. I am so sorry for expressing an opinion that may offend some people. That was a huge mistake, and I promise to watch everything I say from now on. If there is a list provided by the site authority which can guide me on what can and cannot be said, this would be a tremendous help. Science is about discovering and discussing things that do not offend, I should have known better. I will make a concerted effort to censor myself, especially on the important issues that need not be discussed. This make for a better functioning world.
  3. Always looking to learn, and just as importantly, share knowledge. Unfortunately the practicing experts are disincetivised to speak publically about what they really know. Same with published material. It has to be carefully interpreted to understand some of the unpopular nuances of modern allopathic medicine. Especially in areas of immunology.
  4. Lol...that is a crazy thought. I run circles around those guys...mind you, they do have better access to medications.
  5. I just joined up. Normally I could get the attention of 10s of thousands of views a day on Twitter, but the grand masters of information decided to silence me for my humble opinions regarding technical stuff on molecular biology...I digress.. I have been doing my own style of microbiological research for close to 2 decades. I call myself an amature, but have done real life practice in the field, dispite any board certifications including running a "hobby lab". About the rat, named Marcel. He is a pet now. He suffers from extreme itch, and scratches incessantly...and sometimes it
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