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  1. Finding it difficult to get my boiler inlet temperature below 55oC so that isn’t a problem 😂😂😂
  2. Hello I thank you for your responses, obviously I speak a different language, I am not being rude, I just think, how I see and explain things is different to how things are interpreted on a scientific forum. Important thing , is I got what I needed
  3. Wel....i actually got what I needed from my ‘ plumbers forum’ really thought that this forum would be the place to get my answer, but unfortunately was not the case..... So here is the graph I needed........and FYI it’s NOT meaningless 🤯
  4. Still would like to see a graph or chart of condensing temperature vs heat gained
  5. Sorry you lost me, more interested in a graph that shows heat recovery vs condensing temperature, I found that 55 or 57oC is the start point of condense mode, want to know how much is recovered as the temperature falls, if significant or a straight line, will aim for a lower temperature
  6. But to what point ? I asked this on a plumbing forum and got the same answer, thought I could get a more scientific answer on here 🤔 wonder if there is a graph of temperature Vs heat recovery / efficiency.....maybe need to ask a process engineer 🤔
  7. Agreed, but how does the efficiency improve downwards from 55oC if any ? Thanks
  8. I understand that a condensing boiler, is only really efficient when the inlet temperature is below 55oC, when burning natural gas. Would the condensing / heat recovery and thus efficiency increase as the inlet temperature decreases.....e.g. 45oC, or is the maximum achieved at 55oC thanks
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