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  1. Not exactly frightened, just lost the login information (and could not find the topic and hence answers). Thank you all for responding, though I did not expect Spanish inquisition arising from a silly question. I know OP refers to me, here, but what does it stand for?
  2. How (or why) does an electron negate all the force of a proton? Explanation (reason) of question: 1> All forces act uniformly in all directions. Explanation of 1(above): a) If you lit a light source (like torch or light bulb) you can see it from every direction. Which means light travels in all directions (3D) uniformly. b) Similarly (to 'a') a mass (of an object) will interact with all other masses (objects) in all directions. c) Similarly (to a and b) an electron moves around a proton (nucleus) in 3D space i.e. in all directions. Conforming to '1' that all forces interact with objects uniformly in all directions. Q>>> So why is it that when a proton finds an electron then it locks in the force in ONE direction (one dimensional) and ignores all other electrons around it? q> An other question relating to this, if it (Q) is true then does it mean that if two electron are brought together they will repel each other but if there is an other present there, they will not notice/(interact with) it (I mean simultaneously) like two electrons are "busy" repelling each other and another one comes it can pass through them, or will the force (repulsion) between the three of them be halved? Or will they be switching interactions on and off very briefly so it is hard/impossible to notice/measure? qE>> Explanation of q: If an electron and a proton are interacting with each other, and there is another proton, will there still be proton proton repulsion if another proton is shoved in the close proximity(space)?
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