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    electric car

    Is there anything you think I can line up?
  2. Timson

    electric car

    J.C.Macswell Do you think a test at different temperatures is good?
  3. Timson

    electric car

    I have already done some tests. I used a flywheel and let it run for 2 hours at a speed of 17.6 km / h. The remaining battery capacity was 89%. Then I made the wheel 1kg heavier and repeated this test. The remaining capacity was then 90%. So 1% difference. This could be more because it is a completion. I also did a test to see if the temperature has an influence on the range. I spun the wheel for 5 hours at a speed of 17.6 km / h just like I did in the previous test at 20 ° C. The remaining capacity was 76% and then I repeated the test at 2.5 ° C and the remaining capacity was 72%, so a difference of 4%. So my conclusion is the lower the temperature, the smaller the range. I think these are good tests after all. What do you think?
  4. Timson

    electric car

    J.C.Macswell Yes we have increased the mass. If a heavy object is spinning, it will come to a stop less quickly, so that the battery has to deliver less. (Flywheel)
  5. Timson

    electric car

    Anyone an idea please?
  6. Timson

    electric car

    Hello I am a student from belgium. I work in a group. For our thesis we have the topic "range of an electric car". My question is what you think we could test. How could we improve the range? We increased the mass of the wheels and as a result we increased the battery life a little but not much. Would you like to help me. Thanks in advance
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