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  1. As I found out the reason was not very serious and difficult to solve. The reason given was that the fuel tank pressure was too low, apparently giving inadequate thrust during the final braking phase which was otherwise optimally timed. Actually the landing part was not the main part of the test, and as Musk claims it was successful for 95%
  2. All of you probably know how the test launch of Starship ended. But what was the reason it crushed? Was the test successful for Space X, notwithstanding the final landing part?
  3. As far as you may know, scientists found a huge amount of water on Mars. I`ve been wondering for a while if that water is contaminated with radiation because of the high level of radiation on the red planet?
  4. The only information I found that this type of satellites is used for different purposes, I could even guessed that such kindsof satellites exist. Some of these satellites are only 45 kg and with length less than 1 meter.
  5. Does anybody have a piece of information about microsatellites? I wanna know the capability they have, what kind of mission they have, will microsatellites be able to substitute the satellites we have now?
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