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  1. Proposal for solution to String Theory (2).docx
  2. Proposal for solution to String Theory: When photons are propelled through space what’s left is time. Distance is space over time. Space without time is not a normal vector and vice versa. Distance=space (teleportation) and distance= time (time freeze) In theory, quantum tunneling and teleportation would suggest that photon particles, though they seem like consistent and steady particles, are subject to a momentary flux (a flicker) in energy in a vacuum; thus meaning they are not uniform or self-sustaining like relativity would suggest. This effect however, would be very rare and happen so quickly, that it would not even be detectable. (Space-time is manipulated so there is literally nothing to see or record in “real time.”) When this occurs, the wavelengths could be altered with seemingly no explanation. This theory will attempt to provide an answer for the fluctuation phenomenon in quantum space by offering that these instances imply that Photons must need to consume in order to sustain themselves; and what this article will attempt to prove is that what the photons indeed consume is “space”. In theory, photon particles do this in order to exist in addition to propelling themselves forward, and they emit time as a result (the photon consumes one space in order to continue to exist in our plane, then consumes the space in front of it to propel itself forward, and releases “time” as a waste product, (i.e. 2 space in equals 1 time out). This is possible because space itself is not the “absence of,” but it is instead the “potential for”. The scientific community tends to accept that space is the absence of everything, but in the cosmos space is actually quantified as the potential for anything, and therefore: Space must be the physical manifestation of potential energy. Also implying that time is actually a form of radiation. In this vain when photons “consume” space, they quite literally take in potential energy (elementary “space energy”) and convert into kinetic energy through said “consumption” of that space (potential energy). The “kinetic waste” produced from the consumption of the potential energy by photons is what is understood to be time (aka “elementary radiation”.) Conclusion: Photons are the smallest energy converters, not the smallest energy quantifiers. What’s sacrificed is time, what’s gained is space. This revaluation is why one can’t see “space”. Light needs to consume the potential energy (space) first in order for the converted space to exist as time, and thus be free to appear as: visual matter, curvature, spatial distortion etc. When the photon emits more “kinetic waste”, aka (relative) time radiation, while it also consumes more “potential energy” aka (relative) space energy, the passage of time and space are relatively sped up stretching the wave (more space in less time; also implying time is denser than space), but when the photon emits less “time radiation” and consumes less “Space energy” then the passage of time (production level of kinetic waste) is relatively slowed down contracting the wave. (i.e. more time less, space.) These reactions result in the speeding and slowing of time, and the expansion and “holes” in space (aka “dark matter.”) Dark matter in turn, is where photons have consumed all the potential energy in a sector leaving only dense time behind. The photons get stuck in this sector because time is too dense to allow space in (2 space= 1 time) meaning there is no available “fuel” for the photon move, or even to continue to exist on our plane. Photons consume potential energy (space) most readily available in high gravity areas, causing the passage of time (ag emission of Kinetic waste), which causes the universe to expand continuing in an endless loop. Universal Space: Time Ratios (Remembering 2 space is equivalent to 1 time) A black hole is the energy equivalent 1 space and 1 space per volume of an area, a star is the equivalent of 2 space 1 time per volume of an area, dark matter is equivalent of 2 time and 0 space per volume of an area, and “light matter” is equivalent to 4 space 0 time per volume of an area. Light matter likely is how dense space pockets are created in our universe (The possibility of which will be discussed in depth slightly later in the article). Physical Matter is the equivalent of 2 space 2 time per volume of an area a Photon is the equivalent of 2 space 1 time per volume of an area, An electron is the energy equivalent 1 space and 1 space per volume of an area, As previously stated, time is so dense it leaves no room for space, so this means the photon cannot consume any space to pass through a condensed dense pocket of time in form of dark matter. These dense pockets of time (concentrated kinetic waste) push the universe outwards, like placing a heavy object in a body of water. The expansion of the universe in turn creates more space (potential energy) at the edges, so it’s like if the body of water in the example took all the air it came into contact with while being displaced, and converted that air into more water. Alternatively, it is the time radiation coming into contact with normal Physical matter and or “light matter” for too long which creates space within the universe. (Aka rapid aging/ decay). This would imply that radioactive atoms possibly have a minuscule element of dark matter (trapped condensed time) within their nucleus that is consistently eroding them at an accelerated rate. I.e. radiation is caused by atoms that contain too much condensed “time” within them. The dark matter (pure time radiation) reacts with the physical matter of the atom to create “space energy” within the atom itself: Potential energy (space energy) that can then be consumed by photons that aren’t trapped within the dark matter “prison”. They do this at an (forward) accelerated rate the further they get away from the dark matter pocket due to the of heavy production of potential energy (Space) in the atom. The photons still closest to the dark matter are more likely to be affected by the time radiation. Provided all of the previous information implied in this theory can be trusted, one could surmise that dark matter may have a fixed capacity: i.e. if the time residue that they are made is what turns physical matter into space, they indirectly doom themselves when they combine with physical matter, because they provide all the photon in and around a them to escape. (Light just needs to be introduced to space to accelerate, the dark matter combines with physical matter to create space.) This would also imply that black holes also have a fixed capacity in some instances, in that the 1 space 1 time energy proportionality suggests that photons and matter can travers through them; but the 1 time for every 1 space means everything would literally slowed to a crawl. This is because the photons want to consume the space, while the physical matter gets turned into space by the dark matter. This arrangement sounds as though it would be ideal and uniform, except one must account for the fact that the photons which eat their way through are still emitting time while they traverse; so this factor combined with having half of the black hole already contain time radiation would make the process quite long, even relative to the rest of the cosmos (other than Dark matter and other Black holes) Thus Black holes does not destroy anything, they take in contents and repurpose them based on the ratio. The ratio on intake directly determines what will become of the black hole eventually. The intake ratio is based on Space, to Time to Matter, to Light Matter. These factors determine whether the black hole becomes a star (2 space 1 time conversion), whether they just grow (1 space 1 time conversion) or whether they convert back to dark matter (0 space 2 time conversion), or whether they become new space in the form off light matter (4 space 0 time. In this vain it is as though Black Holes embody the most “even of odds”; a fair ratio in an otherwise “chaotic” universe.) This train of theories would also suggest that the closer you get to the “center” of the universe, the less space would be available. Most likely this was caused by the Big Bang releasing photons that began to consume space (potential energy) at the point the explosion started. The photons would then work, eating their way outward in all direction eventually spreading out. This also would explain why nothing can travel faster than light; photons are what consume space to allow the passage of time necessary for movement. The light in and around a body consumes the potential energy, (aka space) that it’s in, so it can continue to exist, then consumes the space in front of it to progress forward. Without light there is no progress. It would also be concluded that right behind the light is a trail of time waste that slows objects in the direct path of a photon down, even if the acceleration is too minuscule to be observed. Another problem is that everything gives off a degree of light, naturally aging it (with time-radiation) until it is nothing (space). This reaction would be far more common than the production of Light Matter through a similar consumption method. ( Ie photons are indirectly turning most matter into “food” by passing time waste directly through it, aging it into “space” so that they can consume it.) As for gravity, when a mass like an asteroid exists in space, it has its own gravity because the photons around it and going through it are consistently emitting dense time behind them that “decomposes” the matter, creating space, which is then consumed by photons, creating more weighted Time Radiation. Theoretically if a lone photon where stopped in a single point for too long, it would eventually consume all the available space in that area and become a miniature Dark Matter Pocket, aka a hole in space, where the photon exists on a separate plane from our own. Other photons would inevitably reach this “hole” and when they cannot find any space to consume and in order to exist and propel themselves forward, they too become trapped and so on. (The expansion of dense Dark Matter Pockets.) Since distance equals space over time, if you remove the space from the equation all that’s left is time. This is why Dark matter and black holes are so dense, time is denser than space (2 spaces are combined to make 1 time). The photons cannot be seen or interacted with because they have lost all or most their inner space which is the “physical” aspect of photon matter (remembering that they must consume space to exist on our plane.) They can no longer interact with our dimension directly, only through the gravity that the time inside them once still produces, which remains in our dimension. If this were true then in contrast to Dark Matter, when photons accelerate past a “Light Matter Pocket”, the opposite effect should be observed: in that the same photon could hit a pocket of pure potential energy acceleration and lose all time. Light Matter is the product of a photons that was managed to consume pure space within itself, and hasn’t had a chance to convert any of it into time yet. For this reason, Light matter is theoretically the most temporary and least stable of all the universal conversions. (ie, it is inevitable that the space within them will son be converted into time). Light matter is the equivalent of 4 space 0 time per v of a, however this arrangement cannot last: eventually time production will continue within the photon resulting in a 2 space 2 time per volume of an are entity, also known as Physical matter. When a photon flux’s in a vacuum it is influenced to releases excess extra amounts of time (kinetic waste), consume excess extra space (potential energy), or most likely a mix of both in, a very short period, thus altering its wavelength. When time is dropped and space is gained at an extreme excess of normal, then the photon can reach a new energy level by being filled with only “space energy”. This new energy level doesn’t just stretch the wave, but flattens it completely. This eliminates so much of the time from the photon that all that all that’s left is space. (because the conversion of potential energy to “existence energy” and kinetic energy within the photon far exceeds its waste output of time) Distance= Space. This means time (kinetic waste) is essentially stopped for the photon and what’s left is space: (pure potential energy and kinetic energy, no kinetic waste) a phenomenon also known as Teleportation! When this happens the photon is free to traverse space without being effected by time, however it can only continue at the trajectory it was going initially: because time accounts for half of acceleration. It becomes invisible to everything around it because it’s movements do not happen in “real time”; it’s like the world is “paused” for the photon. The wave becomes a line, but the line and subsequently the particle exists in a different dimension, a pocket in the passage of time: 4th dimension a. (n=4a) In this scenario the “2 space 1 time” dynamic has been altered to,” all potential and kinetic energy, no kinetic waste” or simply “all space no time” (4 space 0 time). The photon would theoretically be consuming and burning so much space so quickly that in it leaves no moment free for time emission, so it brings the space with the photon until it can no longer fit anymore within itself (when it reaches 4) the space finally materializes outside of the photon as a condensed “Light Matter pocket.” Theoretically, the opposite would also be true; so much time could build up in the photon not leaving enough room for space. (All time no space) Distance= time. If this were to happen then the photon would no longer be able to be affected by physical matter because it loses all of its own “physical” presence. (Remembering that when photon normally consumes space, it uses half of that space to continue to exist on our plane). In this scenario the photon would only exists as moments in time with no physical presence, the photon itself becoming a pocket in physical space: 4th dimension b. (n=4b) Though it would be weighed down in this dimension by dense kinetic waste stored within it, meaning that the easier the photon is able to move (i.e. the more potential energy it consumes,) the less permeable it would become overall due to it filling back up with space. A trade off. It is likely in some cases the photon will become trapped in the other dimension, because while sitting stagnated in place, it can consume all of the available space (potential energy) in the vicinity while trying to start up again. The photon would then lose the ability to both move, and to interact with the 3rd dimension and lower. However, without enough potential energy to continue to consume and progress all that left is time (kinetic waste). Thus the photon remains frozen in dense time. Extremely dense, never existing or tangible (within our plane, except for the time waste), but always there. It is only in the most extreme dark matter cases, however, light gets stuck for a significant stent, “frozen in time”. As stated this is what happens in pure concentrated dark matter, because this scenario turns the “2 space 1” time into “2 time 0 space.” (2 time because with the omission of space which is equivalent to 4 space: if this halted acceleration is taken into account, it is indeed possible that the photon may become an electron upon returning to our plane which is discussed in greater length later in the article) In other cases, the photon would be permeable or semi-permeable until it consumed enough space again to become tangible. This is how fusion and tunneling work, when the permeable photons in or around an object consume enough space they become tangible again. Sometimes this happens at inopportune times fusing particles. (This is possible because pockets of space or time will affect multiple photons in similar way.) These photon states are considered 4th dimensional because they exist not solely on the x, y, or z plane, but on new planes: xyz(a) and xyz(b). These dimensional planes are classified as new because they occupy a different dimensional plane than the x, y, and z planes, in that the omission of either space or time from the equation creates entirely new abnormal vectors: 4th dimension xyz(a): a constant abnormal vector that looks like two dots (possibly with a dotted straight line connecting them to signify the 4thD(a) frozen time movement) 4th dimension xyz(b) a constant abnormal vector that looks like a line but is actually a bunch of overlapping dots (possibly dots spread out with lines in between them to represent the multiple connected moments for 4D b) Photons consume space and emit time so consistently and uniformly that at most instances the phenomenon cannot be observed, except during quantum tunneling and teleportation. (other than consistent distortions in space-time by objects, both macro and micro) Photon flux would in theory would more than likely be linked directly to wavelength, in that the photons with shorter wavelengths (more energy) cover more space with less time (relatively), where longer waves (less energy) use more time and cover less space. (relatively). The more space (potential energy) within photon, the more overall energy, the more time (kinetic waste) inside photon the less total energy. (gain and lose key words). The more space a photon takes on in the with the least time the more energy. The balance of both time and space moving in and out of the photon determines the wave length (energy). Space is consumed by photons and time is residual waste. Photons move by consuming space to propel themselves forward, leaving a trail of time behind. The quicker the space is consumed, the smaller the wavelength. This theory may suggest that space in moments also exists clustered in pockets within a vacuum, (most easily and often seen as great masses with intense gravity, like Stars, or Light Matter: 2:1 and 4:0 respectively) and when the photon passes through this pocket it consumes extra space and releases an influx of time energy radiation, thus increasing overall photon energy as well as producing the phenomenon known as Gravity; even possibly to the extent of 4th Dimension a where the photon does not leave room for time within itself by consuming space to quickly. This is why time passes slowly in areas of great gravity; waste production as a whole is directly proportional to consumption. (Time is the driving factor that creates gravity. Space itself is weightless, and large objects attract more space. when photons are attracted to and consume that extra space, they produce excess amounts of denser time waste, which accounts for the gravity.) As stated his would be seen most prevalently in Light Matter Pockets as well as in and around stars. In contrast photons may be able to be forced to retain extra time (at a rate of more than they can burn) in or near similar pockets (most concentrated in dark matter) increasing wave size and decreasing energy. Ie in why in a black Dark matter are frozen in place with no space to consume in order to propel themselves forward or exist. All potential and kinetic energy is lost. And it could be implied that this is likely to the extent of 4th dimension b, which explains why light is not visible in a: it exists in a separate dimensional plane that we cannot observe, forever trapped in place waiting to consume space so it can move again. 0 space 2 time is the measurement because it takes 2 space in order to create 1 time, so the extra time in the Dark Matter Equation comes from 4 total space combining in the photon as time, as opposed to existing separately as in Light Matter. New Energy Equations: Energy exists in moments, not fluid time: base level energy has no acceleration. The photon must be introduced to the “space” (potential energy) first in order to create kinetic energy and ultimately time (kinetic waste) Alternatively without “space” to consume, the residual “time” left in the photon would leave it with nowhere to go (ie light isn’t always affected by time.) Thus there are multiple equations for equating pure energy in each specified moment and they are: E1= potential energy of c E2= kinetic energy of c E3= kinetic waste of c (aka how long it took to get from point a to point b times c.) Or in calculus: E1= mgh(c) E2= ½ mv2(c) Or simply (E=mc^2) E3= (point b - point a)c 4th dimension a (xyz a) is equal to a constant E1 abnormal vector, 4th dimension b (xyz b) is equal to a constant E3 abnormal vector, E2 is the constant 3rd dimensional abnormal vector (aka Einstein’s theory, but light in a vacuum where space and time are evenly and consistently distributed) E=mc^2 is the equation for the energy it takes for a mass endowed with photon(s) to continue to exist on our plane. (The 3rd dimension) Equation for energy of mass THROUGHOUT Space-time: Add all of the E charges together to come up with the total charge: Energy of mass throughout space-time is equal to the total charge of the mass in space over time. (TC is total charge, KE is kinetic waste, ST is Space-time, m is mass): E(ST)= TC• average m(PE/KW) A theory for why stars are in a constant state of nuclear fusion and fission is that the photons consistently consume the space at the stars’ core (the most concentration of condensed space) first and work their way out; creating both a dark matter pocket (2 time no space) as well as a Light Matter Pocket (4 space 0 time) in the center of the star. It is the photons that initially consume the space too quickly which begin the chain reaction: if they were to theoretically consume too much space they would have a chance to enter either 4D (b) or 4D (a) acceleration. In these instances, the photons would be given the option of phasing out of physical existence and reappearing (possibly fusing particles as in 4D b) or become invisible to those around them as they as they freeze time and leaving behind the extra condensed space as they return (as in 4D a). A star is like a cow being consumed by photon “piranha” at super speed, and this is because the photons are attracted to the intense space energy within the star core, which in turn accelerates them when they consume it. the Dark matter dimension; but if the mass of the black hole is even a little more than the variable of half the star, the black hole will win the tug of war. Conditional statement for center of star defusing black hole: If half mass of a star is 2(q) times greater than that the black hole then the star “consumes” the hole. (q represents the variable of displaced time in the star.) statement is true if: ½ (m)star•2q < (m)black-hole If this theory were true it would imply that suns do not implode or explode upon completing their “lifecycle,” it simply means that all or most of the photons within the star have been either transferred to either Dimension 4D(a) or 4D(b). In the quantum world this would be equated to the Star Itself “Teleporting.” Following the most promising trail of possible solutions, it can be surmised that space energy does have “mass” but, the mass only exists at the moments when the space is consumed and within the photon (which also lacks mass to the untrained eye); however, the photons spout the time radiation within so quickly that the mass can only be calculated by the radioactive trail they leave behind, (the time itself). This phenomenon is aided by the fact that time does not exist in front of photons, only near the back and behind them (waste product). This means time is the mass that the photons left behind: photons consume space in order to exist in each moment, so the residue from their existence in that previous moment is time. The only measurement for the “mass” of Photon is the Time-radiation. The density of time radiation would also imply that the photons would need to wait for the time waste they leave behind them to dissipate if they want to go backwards at the same trajectory.) Electrons in theory get energy by consuming 1 time and emitting 1 space, one to exist and one to move. If they were to be denied too much time by either getting excited, or consuming a 2 space 1 time photon with too high an energy level (low wavelength) they could theoretically grow to “all space no time” (2 space 0 time) where they would enter 4D a and subsequently teleport, (though with less overall efficiency than a photon) theoretically returning with extra space than when they left, aka as a photon, 2 space 1 time. Then the “new photon” would accelerate so quickly (because it’s appearing out of nowhere, with a previous acceleration of zero) that its dense time residue would force a minuscule hole (in space) behind it, (aka a 2 time 0 space pocket) “dark matter”; an extremely dense void in space. This pocket will attempt to entrap and consume a nearby photon, so that photon can either become trapped significantly, or eat its way out; becoming a stable and sustainable 1 time 1 space entity, aka an electron. The new electron takes the place of the old one appearing as though nothing ever happened, which assisted by the “time manipulation” of 4D a light matter as well as the spatial manipulation the 4D b dark matter. If too many new photons are accelerating too quickly, they will create too much dark matter behind them, which will consume multiple photons and convert some of them all into electrons, until all that’s left is many 1 space 1 time entities. These electrons being created in such close proximity are accelerated away from each other at an extreme rate, (with the ones created first accelerating the most, and the ones created last accelerating the least) causing many of them go through the process of becoming new photons, which then accelerate from zero creating more dark matter...the cycle continuing, but dissipating every time due to the constant deceleration of all the components involved after each cycle. Electrons that get excited and passed in a conductor are actually teleporting out of valence shells and causing the process mentioned above, while those extra electrons that don’t accelerate away and become photons then take in residence that same available space, even occupying a vacated valence shell. If one were to recognize the pattern in this theory, it would be that the numbers shown imply photons are stars and electrons are black holes. This is why electrons equate to -1 charge they are miniature black holes. In this vain theoretically if an electron were to be stopped from moving or vibrating completely, aka all time no space, it would become dark matter, implying the same is true for a black hole if it were to stop growing. This would also imply that stars do not simply implode at the end of their cycle, their photons enter another dimension (4Da) and leave behind dark matter (a 4D b pocket), which consumes light and space to become a black hole. Or alternatively the star can enter a light matter pocket and become invisible as it freezes time and transports across the universe (in same direction). What this revaluation implies is that if a star large enough were to be transported to 4d a (aka implode) the dark matter produced would actually create multiple black holes, not just one, and they would each naturally shrink away from each other due to the repulsive forces between them; thus implying that black holes have spin. This phenomenon creates dense pockets of space in between the black holes where they cannot traverse, in turn creating the optimal conditions for new stars in between them. These phenomena are possibly what equates the “physics world” to the “quantum physical world”, in that if the information provided within the article is to be believed then: stars can teleport and tunnel, black holes can have spin, can “discharge” energy, ad have three possible final states, (Stats, dark matter, larger black holes dark matter is simply the complete absence of space, and light matter is the production of matter by stars, electrons can teleport, electrons can become photons and vice versa (through interactions in two separate pocket dimension), and that there are two separate but proportionally related unreversed in 4D a and 4D b, each devoid of time and space respectively. To man, time is not just waste or simply some malevolent force to be feared: a man consistently traverses through hazardous time radiation, and yet he still chooses to label the end product as “wisdom”, a woman sees a fleeting moment decay before her, and she still chooses to brand this as a “precious memory”, people see death and disease act upon them without remorse, yet they somehow find a way to spin this as “purpose”, call it “life”, and ultimately deem it “being”. The human being they call; it is, and then it was. A purpose. A value. Not just quantified by moments, but including the space, time, and effort it takes to create those moments. That which can come together to create: a greater wisdom, shared memories, and a total sense of being. The universe quantifies this as 2 space and a lot of hard work to create 1 time worth protecting. To the creatures of earth: simply composed of ancient stars, particles, and microscopic celestial marvels. Those of which consistently come and go in a brilliant and sometimes literal flash. Always traversing the whole of reality, space, and multiple dimensions just to create a single memory for a seemingly insignificant being; and when they die those same miniscule cosmic entities shall thus return to their dimensions and spaces to be repurposed and revalued once more, forevermore... don't you guys realize? The next time you see sky, it'll be over another dimension. The next time you make a mess, it'll be in some other galaxy. Our ancestors, they want the best stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what's right for them. Because it's their time! Their time, up there! But Down here, it's our time! It's our time down here! And that's all over with the second we decide to hop into Troy’s little “bucket” of loathing and self-pity. I like to remember a wise creature once told me: “When your wings are weak, your spirit’s done, and you’ve flown as far as you can... YOU’RE HALF WAY THERE!” And I for one believe we are indeed half way to something incredible... -Your Pal, I.C. Weiner P.S. If it helps, you shoot miniature black holes containing stars in them through your body that keep you alive; and every time you move or even think you change the “potential” of the universe, so remember to use your power wisely. (Special dedication to Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking for their research being integral to much of the information discussed in this theory. Thanks also to the countless men and women of the scientific community who have discovered and continue to discover incredible occurrences within our cosmos which helped immensely in the furthering of my knowledge as well as human knowledge as a whole.)
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