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  1. 1 hour ago, MigL said:

    The three space dimensions and the time dimension are orthogonal dimensions on a 4D space-time co-ordinate system.
    IOW, space and time are inextricably linked.

    What is the geometry that allows for movement through time, and a 'delay' before movement through space ?
    How do you account for this separation ?
    Where is the evidence and implications of this delay/separation ?

    Again what does your equation attempt to explain, and, is there a need for such an explanation ???

    I consider the Time Dimension as a coordinate system for space itself , it’s like it is solidifying the body’s position before it  is even moving through space. My equation attempts to explain that when a body reaches higher speed and gets close to c, that delay will get bigger to a point of ∞; and at that point it is in a state where it’s scattered across space and it’s nowhere at the same time. The need for such an explanation would be that in a black hole, because of the intensive speed and mass, a body entering will be teared down and lost. 

    1 minute ago, swansont said:

    So where does 38.75 come from? 

    How does the electron “know” what the duration of motion is going to be, before it moves, in order to determine its delay?

    38.75 comes from using 2.999x10^8 in Lorentz Factor.

    The electron doesn’t know, we would determine a duration to study the delay of that electron, I mainly attached the equation just as an evidence demonstrating that a body moves through Time first, solidifying it’s position before even getting there.

    The speculation isn’t quite final, I am constantly developing it. But I posted it just to see if the idea of it is good or not.

  2. 21 minutes ago, swansont said:

    That’s ~100 million times the speed of light (assuming m/s), so I assume it’s a typo.

    Can you show how you arrived at this? You should do this in general. Even though it’s clear what speed you chose for your example, you should have stated it.

    Also: units. Use them.


    How does one test your conjecture? How does the electron “know” what t is going to be, to determine its delay?


    Yes it is, I meant 2.99x10^8 m/s I used it as the max speed because it’s not quite the value of c nor the value of a limit(3-) but it could be considered as a limit. As for testing I don’t really know.

  3. When a body moves, it move through time first then through space so there’s delay.

    it’s like movement throught time - delay - movement through space

    the γm is for v= 2.99x10^16

    1 hour ago, swansont said:

    What movement? Why is there a delay? Under what circumstances? Is this a delay before it starts to move?

    Why is 38.75 the max possible speed? What does γm represent?


    1 hour ago, ALine said:


    there is a thread by swansont in speculation about new theories. Check it out, gives some good details on how to format and define your idea.

    Will do Thanks 🙏🏻 

  4. Hello! I'm new here and I just wanted to try and show my theory to everyone so I could get some opinions and maybe some advice. Thank You 🙏

    The Universe is 4 Dimensional, an entity existing in Space-Time flows through Time, then in Space. The delay existing in the movement of an electron for 1 second is 6.93907x10^-7 s . A body existing in 3d space is in a state of everywhere and nowhere meaning that it has no particular coordinates. When approaching great speeds, the delay in the movements gets bigger and more significant. The speed of Light is a limit for every body that has a noticeable mass. Information entering a 3d space only is lost.

    152975209_ScreenShot2020-12-10at19_36_17.png.745b2431008ad7bf88918161902b8715.png with Ekr: Relative Kinetic Energy; Etr: Relative Total Energy; Δt: Duration of the movement; γm: representing the max “Possible” speed, γm = 38.75.1131631235_ScreenShot2020-12-10at19_31_47.thumb.png.2642c5af7f7f217f4947520c877ad939.pngAgain Thank You🙏

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