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  1. Well the work of Umberto Baudo shows differently, atleast hes research.
  2. But how can this ships harvest free energy around them, what kind of engine is that?
  3. Yes, understanding wormholes and flying saucers, not specifically how an flying saucer would go inside an wormhole. Yes, the disc shape things, what theory is behind such thing, what probably you should study to get near such understanding. Hmm I guess rocket science, how you would explain how such engine could be build etc.. Yes, what knowledge would be requiered to build one, I mean probably something like metalic, eletric engineering.
  4. I had an question about, how to understand more about wormholes and flying saucers. What do you need to study to get a grasp of something like this. Like math, physics, electric engineering, metalic engineering etc.. Thanks for reply.
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