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  1. The parthenogenesis was new to me. Thanks Endy. I guesd i'll reduce my consumption of eggs nows on. Regarding the 2nd issue. I found the source of the experiment. One ref: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24677-fear-of-a-smell-can-be-passed-down-several-generations/ As for my opinion, this is no less than amazing.It sheds light on the role that males have got in nature among mammals. The idea that challenges and experience that males go throgh their life implicate on the y gene and passes to the next generations is much much more significant than the theory of darwin. I wonder
  2. Hi Sorry in advanced for for my english. Recently im hearing scientific podcasts while jogging. One of them overwhelmed me with two claims that i just must vetify in order to sleep well. A genetics researcher claimed: 1. almost all creatures on earth that mutate with eggs can do it either by the preferred way with fertilizing the egg using the male, or cloning the mother without fertilizing if no male is around. For example an unfertilized chicken egg under special treatment (incubator?) can clone the mother chicken 2. mamal's male is transferring knowledge to its y genes with a
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