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  1. If you consider it being used never mind going into the ground I think it's hard to deny, on a thought plane I stood. There are many scientific facts, I'm a bit confused I don't hav anybody being relative to discuss this with.
  2. 300 raped in one night at New York festival. Who are we kidding my friend. This is going to take a 2nd formative effort.
  3. Maby you read that one more time my friend. The facts will get you so will the TV.
  4. There seems to be a new book out, I was hoping we could discuss these most serious thoughts considering they concern us all. It reads. Let me be clear, 7.5 billion people, even more animals and endless greenlife and soil cannot consume endless gallons of water everyday and constantly be replaced out of nowhere. The Earth does not create it's own water, we are in the matrix. Another fact of life is the trains in Britain are now run by Abellio, they are twice the width of the track and hang over just a little. Our true origin is Glasgow. It is called the matrix Facts of life by Raymond Signus.
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