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  1. But wouldn't that field be produced by a graviton traveling in a wavelike manner? Like a photon traveling as electromagnetic radiation to produce the electromagnetic field... In spiral galaxies the arms are created by combination of the angular momentum and gravity of the supermassive black-hole at the center. Now, in this ring galaxy below the center is a very slow rotating black hole so the spiral arms are missing. However gravity is still in effect with lighter areas on top and darker areas sloping downwards in a 3D wave like pattern.
  2. What about Saturn's rings? (see attached) Similar pattern compared to Europa's surface. I assume these rings are the results of gravitational waves also.. Also I just noticed that these are not Sine waves but Square waves. I think the larger waves you mention are actual seen in spiral galaxies (created by more mass from the galactic center), where most of the stars and nebula residing on the "top" of the waves.
  3. I have noticed that bands on Europa contain smaller intricate wave like patterns. I assume that these "waves" were not created after the widening of the spread, but simultaneously. Could these be caused by gravitational waves emitted from Jupiter? What do you think...
  4. I have been fascinated with the subject for many years. I am here to learn, positively argue, but not to battle in this controversial matter. To my understanding here are the scenarios that exists on how the continents are getting farther away from each other that can also be reversed in time to understand how these continents have been joined together in the past. Plate Tectonics: mainstream argument, basis for the Pangea "island". In this case continents were joined on one side of the globe, while the rest was covered with oceans. In plate tectonics the oceanic crust is constantly
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