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  1. I see. That’s something I cannot do and then to spend more money just to clean small amounts of metal. Not worth it. thanks so much for your help. Very much appreciated.
  2. It’s just a few grams. Want to keep it for collection and looking to clean it and store it sealed.
  3. Hi, just have a question on how to purify mercury using acids. What would be the best way to purify mercury using nitric acid and then to precipitate pure mercury metal? I only have a small amount of mercury but I’m not sure what metals are mixed with it. I thought maybe dissolving in nitric acid and then using copper to precipitate mercury but I’m not sure if it will leave the rest of the metals in solution. Any salts that can precipitate the mercury pure? Just like how we use sodium metabisulfite to precipitate gold metal for example. thanks .
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