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  1. Confirm you crazy scientists in time travel atrocities? Please do tell me how you people manage to talk about creating universes in real life without first the Holy Perfect original exister of existence? How many theories does it take to find this one fact about the holy father you fools? He used Jesus Christ! And many others but Jesus Proves he is king. Do you lunatics wan hear how christianity is more evident than any other religion? Have you fools ever asked what came before existence?! The holy father did! Why because there was no evil at the beginning to touch him! He's in everything, not at the back of the universe or the front, you need him to exist something... He's in your skin, he's just very patient... If this gets removed, you all will be going further away into possible perish whom choose to play God with your back to the God of the origin of existence... Challenge me you cowards at this topic! Challenge me! Einstein would and so would Stephen hawking!
  2. If they found the actual time chemical make up or cosmetic diagnose for example. Theoretically understand how to manipulate it only back in time, as my theory going forward is far superior more dangerous if you fuck with the idea of time travel. Reason being is theoretically there is nothing scarred in the time continume forwardly, so yea... Say these crazy willing to die for the sake of science theoretically gain the cosmetic diagnosis and make up of time. They theoretically manipulate going back words in time. My theory is they would have to be stable and not move to even exist on a past time event, and theoretically they may not even be able to be present in the area they even start and end. Basically they would maybe able to get readings but that might be it, than theoretically they may have to reverse there manipulation out of the past in their designated line of travel. The data they would be able to gather may be as much as environmental reading and that's it, the data they would gather would not be able to actively allow there readings to see time be progressive but instead frozen. It can't be progressive theoretically because of the fact on their inability to actually be there physically. So is time travel even worth it if my theory is correct? And is the data they gain even enough or whatever? Also the reason in my opinion they have to reverse and clean up their travel is if they take the same path again it may not be an accurate reading like the first travel.
  3. The bursting explosion of light pours out of the exploding anomalies or single anomaly creating multiple penetrations through the outer space darkness. These uncountable strands of light begin there decent into dark matter creating millions of millions of black holes due to the forcing and tearing of settled darkness (from light) otherwise known as dark matter or theoretically old "moldy shadow" These millions of millions of black holes eventually start consuming each other until finally the biggest one consumes them all as the "victor"
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