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  1. Sorry this is the last post I'll make here. I read that it's possible the universe might contract and be reborn again. If that happens and if it does follow the same history, would you still be the same person with the same consciousness? I'm terrified about this happening, as I don't want to live my horrible childhood again. Even if it does contract I don't think it would be the same consciousness as your atoms would have gone through so many changes, as would the energy that makes your consciousness, but I'm not sure, if it fell into the same pattern would it still be you?
  2. Sorry last question I'd really like an answer to this. If the universe where to restart again, and follow a similar history, including our own lives, would we be alive again, or would they just be copies. IE after we die, the matter that makes us is broken down into energy, so if that energy somehow reformed into matter similar to us, would it actually be us, or just a mock up. I can't bare the thought of living through my earlier life again. It kept me up last night. I haven't slept in hours.
  3. Thanks I just thought that maybe it was needed to explain why there is something at all. I have joined a depression forum to talk about some other issues I have.
  4. Glad to hear it. Also my other ideas are not right either?
  5. But even if they could rearrange it exactly as it was, it still wouldn't be the same person would it. https://www.vesselproject.io/god-in-the-loop I only worry because I read this article that seemed to say that it would be possible for certain life forms to rearrange the entire universe as it was. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding it. My fear is that the universe was created by advanced beings in the future who travelled backwards in time and built the universe (explaining why there is something rather than nothing.) These aliens however wanting to live forever designed the universe to repeat itself every single time, meaning I'd have to live out my horrible childhood. Worse than that, in order to make sure that they didn't go back in the other events, they'd make things go differently, which means next time I might not escape the abuse. I'm so sorry to drag this into it, but I'm clearly not well to dream up all of this. I guess I just want a Richard Dawkins type to tell me it's nonsense like God.
  6. Thanks I am currently on Fluoxetine. I've been on it for roughly two weeks and today I've felt worse than ever before. I've heard it can make your anxiety worse before it makes it better. What I meant by consciousness was this. Consciousness comes from the brain right? There is no soul or whatever, so when you die, your brain is broken down into energy, and eventually at the end of the universe, suppose there is a big crunch and another big bang and another universe with the same history after, if the energy reformed into your brain would it be the same consciousness or not? That's what I am scared of as that would mean I have to live the same life again and be made to suffer that horrible life again.
  7. I am sorry to bother people here but can anyone debunk this silly argument I made. I am really not well right now. I am arranging to go and see a therapist and talk about my abusive childhood, but right now the thought of living that horrible excuse for a life over and over again is driving me mad. I'm honestly about to snap. A couple of things I'd like to know for sure. If the universe were to restart and matter where to be arranged in exactly the same way again, would our consciousness be exactly the same as before or would it be a mock up? Is time travel possible. Again I am so sorry to disrupt the forum with this. I just feel really, really terrible. Today has been my worst day so far.
  8. Well I am trying to get an appointment arranged for some therapy soon. I was feeling at my absolute worst earlier today and wanted some reassurance that this was all nonsense.
  9. I am so sorry to bother everyone here I'd just like some answers on this question about the proposed growing a universe in a lab. I'd just like to state that I am not a troll account, though some of you may think that. I admit that I am suffering from depression. It's been bad for a week, but when I get bad I tend to drift onto the bigger things in the world like why are we are, where are we going etc. A recent anxiety I have had is about the concept of eternal return which states that the universe plays over and over again for all eternity. That thought terrified me as I was abused as a young boy and almost killed at a young age. I would never want to go through that period of abuse again. I never believed in eternal return, but then I read this. Create Universe in a lab It states that they will be able to grow a universe in a lab. I'm terrified now that this is how our universe was created. We built it and then sent it backwards in time. Now the reason this scares me is because what if the people who built it, built it in a way where it repeats? Maybe they did so, so that they could live forever, not caring about the rest of us. What makes it even worse though is that what if the first universe isn't the one we relive. They'd not want to recreate the first as then they'd go back and interfere with the big bang, so they'd make it live out whatever the second one was forever. What if in the second one, I'm killed while being abused. This though has tormented me for days on end. I don't want to suffer like this for all eternity. I'm aware that this is probably just my anxiety talking, but can anyone disprove this? I'd like an answer to the following questions Would reversing the arrow of time bring someone back to life? I'm not sure how it works, but I've read about reversing the arrow of time. If you were to do that to a person, would they spring back to life? Could we create a universe in a lab or is that just pop science bullshit? Any other theories for how the universe was created? Answers to these questions might ease my mind. Thanks.
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