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  1. Thank you all. It is as I thought, more rough estimates. I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something. appreciate it.
  2. Thanks, I understand glycolysis and remember with fondness memorizing the Kreb's cycle and energy production. But what I am asking is although we can measure the energy released of burning food in Joules and we can measure the energy stored in Phosphate bonds in the same units. It seems to me burning a piece of bread to measure the heat released should not equate to how a human metabolizes that same piece of bread. no?
  3. Hi all, Looking for a bit of help finding articles to show how Calories related to bodily processes. I know a Calorie (kcal) is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree Celsius. I understand the Atwater system uses the average values of 4 Kcal/g for protein, 4 Kcal/g for carbohydrate, and 9 Kcal/g for fat. But how does the burning of food translate into ATP bonds that we use for energy in vivo? just curious thanks
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