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  1. Yes I am kinda looking for the same the same thing just without the videocalling feature. I was looking for something data specific though.
  2. No it's not related to blockchain or anything as such. I was thinking about using WebRTC though but I was confused as to what would be the best.
  3. That's something interesting to work on. Will look into it in details. Until then I am open to more suggestions.
  4. I am trying to develop a peer to peer project and I need to communicate between those peers by sending huge json data. I went through various libraries but couldn't find the perfect one for my use case. Could you please suggest something? We are working in a team of 3 members and the mutual language is JavaScript. We are actually thinking about building a peer to peer search engine where the peers would request other peers to give results for a specific search query. And yes we would be developing a web application to display results as well as client applications to communicate with other available peers.
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